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D&D 3E
hit me with cool character history ideas 
8th-Mar-2005 08:23 pm
race: human
class: bard
alignment: Chaotic Neutral
concept: PIRATE! AR!

i've had several ideas for possible character histories for this guy but don't like any of them and you all usually have good ideas. so hit me. AVAST! YAR!
9th-Mar-2005 02:18 pm (UTC)
Illegitimate son of a bard and a lady in waiting at a seaport nobles estate. Inherited his father's musical ability. Spent his free time on the wharves listening to old salt's tales of the sea. Learned to play the "squeeze box", and sing sea shanties from the same source. Picked up extra cash with the theives guild. Decided he must act on his love for the sea. Set sail. Learned more about sailing and pirates. Attracted by the romance of the pirating life, he jumped ship to join the pirates.
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