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D&D 3E
hit me with cool character history ideas 
8th-Mar-2005 08:23 pm
race: human
class: bard
alignment: Chaotic Neutral
concept: PIRATE! AR!

i've had several ideas for possible character histories for this guy but don't like any of them and you all usually have good ideas. so hit me. AVAST! YAR!
9th-Mar-2005 05:49 am (UTC)

his parents were scurvy pirates (literally :P), and he decided (on a whim), that he dinnae like being a Scurvy Pirate, so he picks up the easiet-to-do-on-the-side skill: Music. When he realized that the pay was better (and more legal) as a bard, he ditches his parents (who are eew and missing teeth) for the party.

He is brash and never makes up his mind. he is very openminded, but leery of parrots due to an unfortuante accident involving his ears/eyes (if you want an eyepatch). He also thinks that he is The Shiz, god's gift to EVERYBODY!

if he chatted, he would be prone to chtspk and abusing :D:D:D smilies.
9th-Mar-2005 01:54 pm (UTC)
He was born to a slave mother, father unknown. As a child, his beauty and voice were noticed by the slave master, who had him trained as a, ahem, personal entertainer.

At the age of 12 he was stolen from the estate of a wealthy merchant fop by a group of pirate raiders. For reasons of his own, the leader did not resell him, and instead took him under his wing and taught the boy the ways of piracy and sailing.

Now he revisits his vengeance on the slave traders and indolent merchants who made his childhood a living hell.
9th-Mar-2005 02:18 pm (UTC)
Illegitimate son of a bard and a lady in waiting at a seaport nobles estate. Inherited his father's musical ability. Spent his free time on the wharves listening to old salt's tales of the sea. Learned to play the "squeeze box", and sing sea shanties from the same source. Picked up extra cash with the theives guild. Decided he must act on his love for the sea. Set sail. Learned more about sailing and pirates. Attracted by the romance of the pirating life, he jumped ship to join the pirates.
12th-Mar-2005 03:15 am (UTC)
Bard, yes, but not a singer.

The character's a storyteller. Given a choice of treasure, the character will take the (perhaps non-magical) sword with an exotic history, or enough money to pay for ales at the tavern and get people talkin'.

Nobody knows more than this character about the people who frequent his port, or their homelands, or the valuables that any ship might be expected to be carrying.

"That ship there? That's (knowledge roll) Grim Jenny's boat, the Indirian Princess. Her crew includes a dozen indentured sorcerers, all of whom carry Wands of Fireballs, and two score of zombies. (sense motive roll) She's under full sail, and come back early from the Southern Isles; I'd expect she found what she was after, the fabled Periapt of the Sapphire Mage. (Legend Lore roll) If she can activate its powers, she can move her ship to either the Ethereal or Astral Planes.

"Call the crew, Cap'n. We have ourselves a brilliant blue periapt to steal."
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