akitrom (akitrom) wrote in dnd3e,

Starting a campaign..

After some time out of the DMing loop, I've decided to take my turn behind the screen and run the "Shackled City" Adventure Path from DUNGEON magazine.

Has anybody here DMed this series, and do you have any advice? Things that went well, or otherwise? Did you make any changes?

I'm letting my players know that this campaign is going to be plot-centered rather than character-driven. You may indeed be the long-lost heir to the throne of the Dwarven "City of Sodium Calcite", but don't count on that coming into play in the adventures. A pirate character? Great idea for another campaign.

My plan is to create a "PC pool." Everyone will design two (or possibly three) PC's, and they'll have a choice each adventure as to which to play. This increases the types of characters available to the party (races, classes, and backgrounds...)

  • I will allow players to transfer up to 1/3 of a session's experience from their active characters to the inactive ones.
  • I'll be adding some side adventures designed for "the B-team" to keep those characters viable, experience point-wise and equipment-wise.

Any thoughts?

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