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Hello. I just figured I would introduce myself. My name is Niki. I'm a 23 year old student. I came into DnD when I was 16 and started playing almost everyweek after. Mostly, my DM does home brewed campeighns. There was this one HUGE one where each of our players played SIX characters. Coming up with all of them was fun but playing them all wasn't. Starting soon, we're going into Forgotten Realms. I'm excited about it and have started developing my character already even though we won't be playing for about two months. I've rolled her up, got her stats, equipment, the whole thing...except a name. :D She's a Ghostwise Halfling Rogue. Here's my experience with gaming pretty much copied right from my profile on RPG Registry.

Alternity (Beginner)
Baldurs Gate (Novice)
d20 Modern (Intermediate)
D20 System (Intermediate)
Diablo II (Intermediate)
Dungeons & Dragons: 3rd Edition (Intermediate)
Forgottem Realms (Intermediate)
Kindred of the East (Novice)
Magic: The Gathering (Intermediate)
Ravenloft (Intermediate)
Vampire: Dark Ages (Intermediate)
Vampire: The Masquerade (Intermediate) Played LARP.
White Wolf (General) (Intermediate

Well, nice to meet you. :)

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