Chaos Githzerai (chaosgithzerai) wrote in dnd3e,
Chaos Githzerai


Has anybody had a problem with a fellow player constantly changing characters for an upcoming campaign?

This guy in the four-person group I'm in keepschanging his character entirely. He's also the DM of hiso wn campaign that my boyfriend and I participate in along with the DM of the upcoming Forgotten Realms campaign. I've only changed one of my characters at the last possible moment, and that's my Orc character. I kept her a barbarian and with the same equipment, name, and such, but she's now an Uthgardt tribeswoman from the Red Tiger tribe and she'll stay that way.

This guy has gone through an over-charismatic bard, an Ijutsu master, and a semi-insane elven wizard. Who knows what powerhouse he'll attempt next. -_- My boyfriend and the other player are also growing quite sick of this. All this player wishes to do is powergame, and he lso tries this when he DMs. Argh...

(Cross-posted to dnd3e and dnd_women)

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