Doug Meerschaert (planesdragon) wrote in dnd3e,
Doug Meerschaert

Playtesters Wanted

I've got a few projects in need of playtesting. They're all intended to be published, so I'm going to ask for NDAs from anyone who agrees to playtest. In exchange, you'd get your name in the book and either a complimentary copy or (at the least) a strong discount on a copy. (Haven't made final publisher's arrangements yet--but at the least, I'll discount the funds that I receive from any copy a playtester buys.)

What projects, do you ask?
* Hallowed Ground, which details the conflict between heaven and hell for the souls of the material plane.

* As Above, So Below -- a wholesale reworking of the world's most popular RPG, with new and better ways to do combat, spells, and character creation. Not to mention some simple rules to aid in and reward actual roleplaying, instead of penalizing the lack thereof.

* Gifts -- A simple RPG, with some bare-bones non-combat mechanics wrapped in an American Christan settling, intended to convince the rest of the sunday schools crowd that RPGs aren't as bad as some make us out to be.

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