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D&D 3E
9th-Jun-2003 11:29 pm
I pre-ordered the 3.5 Players Handbook...

Judging from the stuff I've seen, 3.5 is really something. I just don't know whether it's good or bad. It's a bit more "balanced", that I know...but yeah...for now, i'm gonan still run my campaigns using 3 edition, and once I've learned all I can from 3.5, then i might encorporate it...Rangers now have 1d8 hp, lol.....
10th-Jun-2003 05:22 am (UTC)
actually, the ranger is a much better class in 3.5
i like almost all the changes, and it seems much better all around.
10th-Jun-2003 08:48 am (UTC)
Exactly. More [virtual] feats, more skill points, better saves, more powerful favored enemies, evasion, better tracking, more woodland abilities... a loss of one hit point per level (on average) is easily countered by taking Toughness in all those feat slots that were just freed up (or just take Giant's/Dragon's Toughness once). Bam, more powerful in every way than the 3.0 Ranger, easy as pie.

BTW, Walmart's online store has the 3.5 books up for $17.xx each (preorder). That's a pretty good deal.
10th-Jun-2003 11:56 am (UTC) - Re:
that is a good deal, but i won't buy from wal-mart.
(and also... i think the drop to d8 mke the character more balanced.)
11th-Jun-2003 09:20 am (UTC)
I work at Barnes & Noble, and with the discount I can get mine for $12, lol.

As for The Ranger, I don't mind, cause yeah, they are making him more like a ranger, and making each class more individual. The sorcerors are being improved sooo much.
11th-Jun-2003 09:26 am (UTC)
Yeah. I'm just wondering how in the hell would other companies adjust to this, you know? Stuff like "The Quintessential Barbarian" and whatnot...obviously, there'd be a couple of changes here and there.

Not to mention, most of the Prestige Classes listed in these books will be placed in The Players Handbook as "official prestige classes", so you'd only need books like these for minor things...
11th-Jun-2003 01:49 pm (UTC) - Re:
i don't think it really affects a lot ov the third party stuff.
fot the 'quintessential' seires, you could simply continue to play the classes as described in them.
books like this will ben even more useful, i think, as different options to use.
10th-Jun-2003 08:57 am (UTC)
I just started a campaign and one of the characters actually wants to play the revised ranger over the old ranger. I had him photocopy me a copy of the revision spotlight and I like it. Can't wait for my preorders to get here....
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