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D&D 3E
undead plague in the city, but my players are too high level to be… 
9th-Feb-2005 03:46 pm
undead plague in the city, but my players are too high level to be challenged by zombies, which seem appropriate. they're all 6th level. wights? ghouls? ghasts? i suppose a whole buttload of ghasts would work. when the necromancer cult who started it finally shows i can whip out the big guns and hit them with red dragon skeletons and frost giant zombies... but for now when there's just this plague of undead contagious undead they have no reason for yet... what do i go with?
9th-Feb-2005 11:19 pm (UTC)
In addition to what everyone else said, how are you working the "undead plague"? If being simple slashed by a zombie can infect you, that should scare the players enough to make them feel that multiple zombies are a challenge. Instead of a sarcastic "Oh boy, I took 8 damage. I'm scared now" it's a terrified "Oh shit! It touched me!" The challenge doesn't become surviving the fight, but surviving the fight without a scratch, which is much more difficult.

You could also have the plague just inflect them with some kind of fear or light disease (maybe giving them a -2 to hit or AC) instead of transforming them into zombies. Make it something interesting. Do that enough and you'll be weakening them so that even the lowly zombie can muck with them.
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