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D&D 3E
undead plague in the city, but my players are too high level to be… 
9th-Feb-2005 03:46 pm
undead plague in the city, but my players are too high level to be challenged by zombies, which seem appropriate. they're all 6th level. wights? ghouls? ghasts? i suppose a whole buttload of ghasts would work. when the necromancer cult who started it finally shows i can whip out the big guns and hit them with red dragon skeletons and frost giant zombies... but for now when there's just this plague of undead contagious undead they have no reason for yet... what do i go with?
9th-Feb-2005 09:05 pm (UTC)
Well, you could swarm them. Have the zombies aid-other on a designated hitter. Give the zombies boosted strength or something through an unholy enchantment. Have an encounter where the zombies burst up from the ground all around the players and escaping means taking lots of attacks of opportunity. Grapplings, disarms, pulling people under the mud or into the water of a canal (zombies don't breathe). Zombies attacking in the midst of poison gas clouds or mixed in a group where a few have reach weapons..

I'm pretty sure I could make a zombie swarm ugly for my 14th-15th level group. I'd have to use hundreds and all types to get over the turning attempts by the cleric (which are sure to wipe out a bunch) but I could make it interesting. 6th level should be a piece o cake.
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