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D&D 3E
readying a charge - resolved! 
6th-Feb-2005 03:31 pm
wicked handclasp
So, one of my players who was the most vocally opposed to my reasoning, found a piece of info that proved himself wrong. Finally, a definitive answer! It was actually in descriptive text that was giving an example, if I remember correctly. What it came down to was that the readied action was considered to take place during the same turn as the turn in which the action was readied. This shows that you are NOT restricted to just a move or a standard action in your turn. :) Hence, you may not ready a charge.

Based on what I read from some of the replies I received to my initial post, I thought you all might like to see how we resolved this.

I'm really surprised at how many people thought that a charge could still be readied. The rules actually seemed quite crystal clear to me on this issue that charges couldn't be readied. You can't ready a full round action, so you can't ready a charge. Simple as that, or so I thought. ~_^
6th-Feb-2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
Here's a question for you, though - referring back to my comment on your last post. I'd pretty well decided that the only reason to ready a charge anyway would be to intercept someone (or to deal with someone with reach, I guess): could you ready a move action in response?

I can think of two reasons to do this. a) Oh my god that guy is big, I run away now. They charge me, I take a single move away from them (hopefully putting you out of charge range), leaving them standing there with -2 AC for my allies to deal with. b) As aforementioned, intercepting a charging enemy. Orcy McOrc charges Party Wizard, I (Joe Paladin) trigger my readied Move action and put myself in the way. Did I just foil his charge and nix his whole action or did I just make myself his new target?

Or am I just getting too clever for my own good?
7th-Feb-2005 05:32 am (UTC)
You would foil his charge, I think, because he "readied a charge" (impossible, as we now know) at the wizard, not you.
6th-Feb-2005 08:46 pm (UTC)
It's 3.0 baggage. You could ready a partial charge in 3.0. I don't purport to understand the game designers but I am very happy it disallows for moving in one direction and then reading a partial charge in another direction to get around the fact that most characters have to charge in a straight line.
7th-Feb-2005 05:33 am (UTC)
Ah, bingo. I think the partial charge was bs as well, and it just seemd so obvious that wizards was trying to rectify that mistake by eliminating the ability to ready a charge.
7th-Feb-2005 05:11 pm (UTC)
My solution was to say that one could only partial charge if it was the same direction that one's movement in the previous round had been in; or, one could only partial charge if they hadn't moved in the round.

Worked well for us (and that was when we /were/ playing 3.0).
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