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Gamers wanted

I'm seeking players for a D&D game. If youa re interested please comment to the version of this post in my journal. I'm sorry if you see this in more than one place.

I want to run a game, but I have no players. So I'm recruiting. Here's some stuff about this proposed game.

Rules will be D&D3rd ed with an assload of supplements and such. All supplements are subject to DM approval of course, but for the most part, I'm pretty permissive. Rule zero is heavily in effect, it's all subject to the DM. There are a few game world details that shape my interpretations of the rules, and while I'd love to spell them out for you, discovering them is part of exploring my world.

The setting is my own fantasy world. It's a very magical world, with a lot of cultures and races. While I hope that about half the party will be humans native to the area the campaign will be set in, that isn't a hard and fast requirement. If the players decide to all play elves from a distant land, that's fine by me. I'll probably be setting this one in the Kingdom of Cadence. Cadence is the old world, a declining superpower. There's a lot of wealth and tradition in Cadence, and a lot of politics. Alas, the times are a changing and the noble old lady just isn't keeping up. Pirates of every stripe to the south, orc and gnolls to the west, the growing power of the Kingdom of Aalbaans to the north, and increasing internal conflicts are threatening to make Cadence a memory.

We will be starting at low level, in a small village. Advancement will be rapid at first. I am generous with treasure and magic items, but the down side of that is that the bad guys are using those items and wealth and will be using them against you. So you gotta work to get them. There is an overriding theme, and a substantial big bad to chase down and deal with, but you gotta get through a lot of minions on the way. There will be combat, but combat alone will not tell the tale, and if you resort to brute force in some situations, that will spell certain death. You will need to role play your way through some situations, cast spells, use stealth, do research, all that good stuff.

I prefer to run a relatively serious game. Jokes are fine, table talk is fine, but let's tell the story and keep the jokes mostly in character. At the same time, let's not be sticklers for realism at the expense of the story. Fighters can wear their armor all day long, spellcasters needn't account for every mandrake root, you don't have to tell me exactly where you are carrying every last thing. But at the same time, let's keep it in some sort of reason, you can't carry 8 heavy crossbows, 4000 bolts and a million feet of rope. You don't have to learn to speak elvish, but I don't want your character named "joe" or "magnus the burninator". Stuff like that. I'll give you some slack on the small stuff, but the conflict is real and if you do stupid stuff, you'll get dead fast.

I have a daughter who pretty much dictates my schedule. I would want to run this game at my home, after she goes to bed, on a weeknight, about once a week, for three or four hours. The day of the week is flexible. I'm in Sterling, VA.

Anyway, if you are interested leave me a comment.

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