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D&D 3E
Do any of you ever look through a section of the PHB or some other… 
30th-Jan-2005 03:19 pm
wicked handclasp
Do any of you ever look through a section of the PHB or some other rulebook and realize you have been doing something completely wrong? It amazes me when this happens with something that is really common--like search checks, for example. We have been going about search checks completely wrong. I was stunned to realize that searching a room that is 5 squares long x 5 squares wide x 2 squares high would take 3 hours if you wanted to take 20--assuming you are searching the walls and ceiling as well as the floor. Yeesh!

Other rules that I've recently discovered we were doing wrong are: you can't ready a charge, you can't charge twice your distance in the surprise round, we've been completely neglecting the fact that, in most cases, creatures can provide cover, a full-round action such as a coup de grace is completed on your turn and not right before your next turn, and several others.

All of these I feel like, "How could I have missed that?" DnD is pretty good at making me feel dumb!
30th-Jan-2005 09:12 pm (UTC)
The most common problem I've seen in my campaign is when players forget which bonus stack and which ones don't. Especially with my group which is made up of battle weary 15+ level adventurers. As you can imagine, we have tons of little buffs on us at all times... :)
30th-Jan-2005 10:08 pm (UTC)
Searching does take a good long while. After we cleaned out all of the monsters from an old Suel ruined fort one time, we still didn't have what we had gone there to find. I ended up taking 20 on searching the whole place (about 60 x 60 squares). It took a really long while, but I found all of the hidden stuff we were looking for.

In 3rd you can ready a partial charge. In 3.5 you can't unless you're a zombie or some other creature with the 3.5 equivalent in their description since they got rid of partial charge in 3.5.

30th-Jan-2005 11:27 pm (UTC)
Ray of Enfeeblement doing a negative enhancement not damage, so multiple ones don't stack.

The fact that, strictly according to the rules on temporary hit points, if you gain a temporary hit point then any healing you subsequently receive goes away when the hit point goes away.

30th-Jan-2005 11:46 pm (UTC)
Bucklers. Just came up last night.

I was under the impression that the benefit to a buckler was that it does not impose a penalty to using a weapon in your offhand, a weapon in two hands, a bow, or a crossbow.

However, a quick perusal of the 3.5 rules demonstrated that it did not impose a penalty to bow or crossbow used in 3.0; however, it always has provided a penalty to offhand/two-handed weapon use, and in 3.5, also to bow/crossbow use.

Whoops. I'm a 3.0 whore, and I wasn't even right on that ;)
30th-Jan-2005 11:47 pm (UTC)
And, as a follow up, attacks of opportunity.

3.0: One AoO per target per round.
3.5: One AoO per target per provoking action.

31st-Jan-2005 01:12 am (UTC)
That's not quite right.
To quote from PHB 3.5 p137:
An attack of opportunity is a single melee attack, and you can only make one per round.

Then later on that page:
If you have the Combat Reflexes feat (page 92), you can add your Dexterity modifier to the number of attacks of opportunity you can make in a round. This feat does not let you make more than one attack for a given opportunity, but if the same opponent provokes two attacks of opportunity from you--such as by moving out of a threatened square anf then casting a spell in a threatened square--you could make two separate attacks of opportunity.

I can't find my PHB 3.0, so I can't quote it, but the above is exactly how we played when we used to play 3.0.
31st-Jan-2005 05:36 am (UTC)
My DM always tells us to make a "Charisma-based Fortitude save!" when we get touched by Dread Wraiths, etc. For the longest time, he thought that the players were supposed to substitute our Charisma bonuses for our Con bonuses for those saves (I think because he read that the save DCs are Charisma-based).
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