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D&D 3E
Well, the boards been fairly quiet, so, I thought that I ought to try… 
24th-May-2003 10:30 am
Well, the boards been fairly quiet, so, I thought that I ought to try and liven things up. So here it is.

Post your favorite hooks, plots, ideas for single session or multi-sessions here.
24th-May-2003 08:49 am (UTC)
A wealthy noble joins a country wide game called Assassins thinking it is just a fun game like kids might play. But when he's given the name of his hit and hears about nobles being grievously wounded/killed around the country he realizes it is more than a normal game. He quietly hires the PCs to protect him. Maybe the PCs join the game and start killing the other nobles so to protect their noble. Or perhaps the PCs kill the noble who hired them and start finishing off the other nobles. Perhaps they do investigative work and try to find the origins of the game and why it was implemented (perhaps to punish greedy nobles). For those that don't know, Assassins is a game played mostly in dorms where you're given the name of your hit, and if you take your hit down (by touching them with both hands) you take your hits hit and go after the new one.

Dragon Merchant:
A man is traveling the nation selling to nobles and merchants and rulers wonderfully sculpted marble dragons. As it so happens though, they're realistic because they contain real dragons. The dragons are entrapped and are at the call of their owners (or perhaps still secretly controlled by the man and will be called on to destroy all the owners at once). The owners use them in military skirmishes or to eliminate town threats or bully others. The PCs could find this treatment of dragons unlawful. Perhaps the PCs want a dragon of their own. Perhaps the PCs want to know how to entrap a dragon in this manner for whatever reason. Perhaps the PCs want to meet this man because he must be dangerously powerful to do this. And all during the adventure typical dragon prey and nasty humanoids which are kept in check by raiding dragons are growing in number. Or the man might only be taking Good and Neutral dragons, leaving the Evil ones to plot.
24th-May-2003 08:58 am (UTC)
Dungeon Tower:

The dungeon the heroes enter is shaped like a cylindrical tower and goes straight down. In addition to a ladder down, each floor has a small hole down to the next floor the lines up on all the floors. The bottom floor is a massive treasure chamber with some rather tempting magic items on a table. several of these are trapped however, and when taken each floor of the dungeon collapses upon itself, one by one. The only save spot is the lined-up holes. How many players can figure it out in time? Probably most of them, but it makes for a pretty exciting adventure.
24th-May-2003 09:32 am (UTC)
What's the community going to do in a month or so when D&D3.5 comes out? Some up start dnd3.5e will steal our thunder. :P
24th-May-2003 10:06 am (UTC) - HM...
I don't know. Perhaps this community will slowly die off? Besides, the books are expensive so perhaps everyone will be broke?
24th-May-2003 12:21 pm (UTC)
i'm not gonna dig up the link..but for great and large ammounts of game starters/hooks/whatever...go to the DND boards on the WOTC site and go to the whats a DM to do or the DM forums..search for 1000 adventure ideas

LOTS of ideas there
24th-May-2003 12:41 pm (UTC)

this is the compilation of the hooks so far...750+ strong both low level and epic alike
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