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D&D 3E
27th-Jan-2005 05:09 pm
running a quick one-shot, wonder what you think. premise is, the theives guild was torn apart by the city guard, who happen to be totally corrupt. the party's rogue has been contacted by a charismatic half-orc bard (you know, for a change) who is forming a new group of rogues. he's heard tell that the city guard has been investigating the abandoned theive's guild hall (the cover was a merchant's mansion). Franky (the bard) doesn't know why they are there but doesn't want the party to know that, so he tells them he's after documents that will implicate Litscher, the leader of the guard. the pc's don't like Litscher so they should bite. he tells them he can't go in so he wants them to investigate for him. he also wants a large cut of any treasure they find. they may or may not comply, but they already have reason to think they want Franky's favor, so they probably will. the only treasure there is to find in the abandoned mansion is a necromantic spell focus, an amulet of non-detection, and a gate key which they'll need later. this is a basic dungeon crawl hopefully it will only take one night because i'm running it as a favor for 3 players who want to play tonight. no one else can make it. i planned on using vermin as the main monstrous encounters, giant spiders, maybe some phase spiders, giant bats, giant rats, maybe a were-rat. maybe a carrion crawler. i need to flip through the MM and find some challenging monsters that fit the mode of an abaondoned mansion taken over by vermin that will challenge a 5th level wizard, rogue and cleric. of course they'll be fighting the guard a bit too. Anyway, if you have any ideas for good encounters or ways to keep the pace up so we can finish tonight, i'd like to hear them.
27th-Jan-2005 10:49 pm (UTC)
Well, don't forget the booby traps and letting the guards shrill for help.

...and moles. giant moles.

Possibly letting the rouge set up the place to asplode at the end, and then the omg!escape?
28th-Jan-2005 05:44 pm (UTC)
ROUS's. You gotta have ROUS's. :)
30th-Jan-2005 05:26 pm (UTC)

30th-Jan-2005 08:59 pm (UTC)
Rodents of Unusual Size? ... I don't believe they exist.
31st-Jan-2005 12:07 am (UTC)
oh. they do. are called Nutras.

Louisiana thing.
31st-Jan-2005 05:20 pm (UTC)
Havn't you seen The Princess Bride? ROUS...Rodents Of Unusual Size. :)
31st-Jan-2005 05:38 pm (UTC)
nuu. I should see it. and pay attention this time. :P
31st-Jan-2005 08:54 pm (UTC)
It's a classic. :)
27th-Jan-2005 10:57 pm (UTC) - How about this ...
Has it really been abandoned long enough to be crawling with monstrous vermin? It sounds to me like the main baddies to be fighting here are the guards ... not sure what the necromantic spell focus is about, but could there be some sort of lingering necromantic effects about the place? Maybe some of the guardsmen who went in have been slain and revived already as ghasts ... Of course, if you have a 5th level cleric, even-level undead are hardly a challenge.

I think somebody else has come in to nab that gate key (I'm assuming you mean, like magic gate key, not a key to the city gates). That's what I think. A survivor from the old guild - possibly a were-something or low-level vampire survivor - knows how valuable it is and has come to lift it before the guards get it. Of course, his goals are totally nefarious and his minions are nasty.

In fact, it is a were-rat. Yeah. He's already infected some of the guard with lycanthropy over the past few weeks and tonight's a full moon ... while the were-guards and the normal guards do their best to kill each other, he slips in the opened doors, bypasses all the traps and guardian creatures, and nicks the gate key. Or that was the plan, before the PCs arrived and ruined it all.
27th-Jan-2005 11:02 pm (UTC) - Re: How about this ...
the necromantic focus is tied into something that happened right before the guild was taken down. i don't want to get into it (long story) but undead wouldn't be appropriate anyway. lycnathropes maybe though. old guilder is lycanthropic, wants the old treasure but can't get through, bites some guards, makes them do it for him... maybe. maybe...
28th-Jan-2005 01:36 am (UTC) - Re: How about this ...
... should probably put at least one silver weapon into the dungeon somewhere. Maybe one clever guard started to suspect something and bought himself a silver sword (of the sort the Rogue is proficient in, one hopes). Or a flask of that stuff you smear on your weapon to make it silver.
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