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D&D 3E
Deity dilemma revisited. Poo. 
17th-Jan-2005 10:51 pm
I thought the question about deity AC posed in my recent post had been a mistake on my part due to a "logic error." (Thanks to plansedragon) But, after I got home from work today I went back and opened up my books to have a look. Then I read this, and while my conclusion hasn't changed, the reasoning has.

"Deities who aren’t outsiders have their normal natural armor bonus + their divine rank." In this sentence, the emphasis is just on the outsider status, not the outsider HD.

My question now is this: are HD that an outsider possesses, even if they are HD from a class, considered "outsider HD?" This doesn't seem quite right to me, but, that does seems to be what they are implying after you take my quoted sentence into account...foxsable hinted at this. I just thought that if a being became an outsider only the racial HD of the being would become outsider HD...

Gah, I still wonder if there is something I don't understand about HD... or was the entry just poorly worded?
18th-Jan-2005 04:38 am (UTC)
I may suggest that these entries are not very carefully worded because the AC of a deity isn't usually something that comes up and needs to consistently determined. Fudge a little here or there and it normally doesn't make a difference, so I doubt that a lot of time woudl be spent on making the rules very clear.

Given that, I would read "outsider HD" as "outsider racial HD," which means HD from their race not from their class. But that's just my opinion.
18th-Jan-2005 04:40 am (UTC)
HD from classes is distinct from outsider HD.

A deity is an outside if their type is outsider. In the description, there's a line that reads something like "Medium-Size Outsider (Lawful)". This gives their size, type, and sub-type. Whether or not they have outsider HD (which would be listed on the Hit Dice line like 20d8 + 220 (outsider)) doesn't matter if their type is listed as outsider.

I don't know of any deitities that aren't outsiders. Not all have outsider HD.

Keep in mind that alot of the general deity material in Faiths and Pantheons is copied straight from Deities and Demigods and are very general rules for deities. Not all of them will apply to FR gods. I'd probably be easier to just use the gods in Faiths and Pantheons as examples (though I'm surprised you want a deity that doesn't already exist in the Forgotten Realms, they seem to have god for everything).
18th-Jan-2005 07:34 pm (UTC)
Good advice.

I didn't actually set out to make a new deity, but, it just seemed to work out best this way. As far as I know, there is one aspect not represented in the forgotten realms pantheon: they have no fey deities. If you know differently, let me know!

The reason I'm fixating on the details though is because usually when I notice an inconsistency, it means I don't understand something. I don't particularly care THAT much about details...I just want to fix any misconceptions I may have about the rules.
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