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Not Quite D&D, is SW d20 Close Enough? :)

First of all, if you live in the Twin Cities area and play in a Star Wars d20 group, please make sure you don't know me before reading. I'd hate to spoil one of my players by mistake.

I have a really fun idea for a scenario for my Star Wars group. A bit of background:

Our group rotates GMs occasionally. Todd started in that role, but he rolled up a character while others took a turn. Currently, Michael (very old-school gamer, he has over 30 years of wargaming, PLUS RPing, under his belt!) is the GM. He has the party, excluding his character, trying to set up a Bacta trade route between the supply sources and the Rebel Alliance. When he started GMing, he had his own character sent on a solo mission to a different part of the galaxy (wise choice! GMPCs are a BAD idea).

At this point, he wants a break from GMing, so I'll be running the game next time we play. My scenario will start out on a ship, similar to the opening of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, with a ship-to-ship battle.

Ooh. Maybe that's TOO similar. My idea is to have Dahail (Michael) and his group (temp PCs rolled up by the other players) captured the Imperial forces attacking the ship, led by Vader. They could be holding off the assault handily, only to be thwarted by Vader's involvement in the fight. I picture Vader stepping menacingly into the room the party is holding, using his Force abilities to weaken the party members for capture by stormtroopers, then fighting a lightsaber duel with Dahail, ending with Vader sundering Dahail's lightsaber.

Once the capture has been completed, Vader contemptuously mocks Dahail's Force abilities and turns him over to another servant of the Emperor (one of the Emperor's Hands, perhaps?) for Dark Side training (Vader is busy with other tasks, like tracking down Luke Skywalker - the game is set between Episodes IV and V). While the Hand (or other Dark Side villain) attempts to train Dahail, the whole party will be able to escape together.

I'd also like to work the Noghri into this somehow. Maybe a recent shipment of supplies to Honoghr was waylaid by pirates, and Vader or the Hand "needs" Dahail to secure the shipping route. Yes, that would work nicely. After going through some attempted Dark Side training with the Hand, Dahail is revisited by Vader, who outlines this mission. He explains that the Noghri are dependent on Imperial supplies for their survival, and that thousands of innocents will suffer and die horribly if the shipments don't resume. The pirates have thus far evaded Imperial patrols, and grow ever more bold. In order to stop the suffering of the Noghri, Vader continues, Dahail will need every resource available to him. "You must use your emotions. Channel your outrage, your passion. You must draw on the Dark Side to prevail!"

The Hand, along with Dahail's captured companions, will accompany him on this mission.

Unbeknownst to Dahail, the pirates are a fabrication designed to lure him along the path to the Dark Side. Shipments to Honoghr were not truly interrupted, and the "pirates" are a mercenary group contracted by another of Vader's Dark Side Force user minions to test Dahail.

Hmm...devious. I like it :)

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