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D&D 3E
6th-May-2003 05:47 pm
SO would any DMs here actually let their players play a half dragon man or a pixie? I was reading the monsterous character book thingie... and yeah. I don't think any DM would let some random fire giant play with a bunch of normal characters.
10th-Jun-2003 02:42 pm (UTC) - I do...
I just started a campaign. Of the 8 players, 3 of them are monstrous characters. A pixie, a centaur and a frost giant.

The first session had them in caves which was very difficult for the centaur because there were places that were very tight.

In fact at the big climatic encounter two of the characters followed the NPC that hired them ahead of the group and encountered a vampire that the NPC had just unstaked. The two characters were a paladin and a cleric that were holding the vampire at bey. The rest of the group got worried when their employer bolted past them and didn't slow down for the rest of the group.

The pixie went in invisibly to check on the other party members. Had it been anybody else, the vampire would have dominated them and things would have gotten ugly. Despite the challenges for me and the players, I think enjoyment was had by all, and after all that's why we play...
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