Pinto (edobrzel) wrote in dnd3e,

NPC quirks

I'm working on an NPC and I want him to be a rather developed character. He's a gnome sage (not to be confused with my previous Forest Gnome post). I want to stay away from some of the stereotypes if possible. Not all of them. He *is* a paper pusher. ;) I'd prefer if he didn't talk like a leprechaun (tons of "o'" and "aye"). He could be somewhat forgetful, or more "distracted" much of the time, but not too much. He's pretty friendly and likes to share his knowledge. He's probably LN, NG, or something along those lines.

I started to come up with a background to help me get inside his head. It can be changed, but one idea I like is that he's done a little of everything. He'll probably be multi-classed up the wazoo, or at least have a few. I was also looking at Harper Mage in FR:CS, maybe Loremaster, and maybe a single level of Alienist (Tome & Blood) for fun. Another background idea was that maybe he comes from a rough place, but in a natural sense. Born in the wild forests, most of his siblings are killed off from literal predators. The family "escapes" to a more urban environment and he begins his education. So he's got a little bit of survival skills and knows about the real world, but he still prefers his books.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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