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D&D 3E
before I forget... We've never had to deal with traps much in our… 
2nd-Jan-2005 11:59 pm
Bill by Binkette
before I forget...

We've never had to deal with traps much in our games but the dm has been ousted (long story) and I've been thinking of starting a game. Looking at the CR's for traps....whats it for? to judge the exp. you get from survivoring the trap? (as an old dm told me...don't think this is it) Just to give the DM an idea what traps to use with PC's (as the monsters CR's) Or something else?
3rd-Jan-2005 05:40 am (UTC)
The CR will tell you about how much the trap will hurt the party (if they set it off) and how much XP they get for bypassing it or setting it off. The whole party gets XP for a pit trap even if all that happens is the fighter falls in and gets a bit banged up.
3rd-Jan-2005 05:44 am (UTC)
well, we used to play if they set it off and survived they got the exp...or if it was found and disarmed/avoided. Back in the day the DM explained it that traps had to kill to be successful. Seemed a bit odd, but I never gave it much thought at the time.
3rd-Jan-2005 05:46 am (UTC)
"Overcoming the challenge of a trap involves encountering the trap, either by disarming it, avoiding it, or simply surviving the damage it deals. A trap never discovered or never bypassed was not encountered (and hence provides no XP award)."
3rd-Jan-2005 05:44 am (UTC)
See page 39 of the 3.5 edition DMG.
3rd-Jan-2005 07:56 am (UTC)
As others have noted, the CR for traps is the same as CR for monsters.

However, IMC when I use traps, I give XP only if the trap is defeated. If it wears you down a bit, then it's done what it was intended to do. When my players (wife included) fell into the same pit trap three times, not a one of them got a single XP.

You may want to award XP based on Encounter Levels instead of CR, and only set traps when you have thinking opponents to exploit them. A goblin ambush as the party is dealing with a pit trap (or, worse yet, an ogre capable of bull rushing the party back into the pit) is a much better justification of XP than just falling down and using two cleric-spells's worth of healing.
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