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D&D 3E
A little help... 
2nd-Jan-2005 10:23 pm
Does anybody have, by chance, a .pdf or perhaps word file with the firearms from that issue of Dragon? I had it, but I think somebody borrowed it without asking or telling me (re: stole it) and I'm thinking about using them in a game, but I can't find the issue locally, and I don't feel like paying for it again for a few pages worth of stuff...so if anybody could help me, even with just a quick typed up chart and a few notes (the reload times for example) I'd appreciate it very muchly.

And, no, I'm not stealing, I simply don't feel like paying for something a second time when I could spend that money on something else gaming related that I didn't already pay for. Thanks again.
3rd-Jan-2005 04:49 am (UTC)
BTW, the article, after a google search for clarification, was Way of the Gun, from Dragon #321.
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