Crichton (crichton_kicks) wrote in dnd3e,

Whats up with Dragon Star?

whats the deal with dragon star? Is that any good or does it suck? A friend wants me to play it with his group and when I went looking for it's core rule book every store I went to said that they no longer carried it and only a few were willing to special order anything under that title. When I asked each place why they didnt carry it I got the same answer more or less "Cause it sucks, nobody buys it and nobody plays it."

Ah, but my friend and his group play it and like it, and if I play it with them I can just use one of their books and so on and so forth.

My question is: "Does anyone else out there play this game, let alone like it? Why does it suck so bad, the premise as described to me wasent my cup of tea per say, but none the less it didnt sound terrible.

I duuno, maybe after I play or at least see the book Ill figure it out... untill then

Why does it suck, anybody know?

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