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D&D 3E
Hey there. My name's Ruby. Long-time watcher, first time poster.… 
29th-Dec-2004 03:00 pm
Hey there.
My name's Ruby. Long-time watcher, first time poster. I've run up against a bit of a problem.
It's kind of a long scenario, so I'm going to put it behind a cut.

My buddy is GMing an awesome campaign, and it's the first D&D game that I've played in, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the magic system and rules. Okay...scratch that. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. But anyway, here's the deal.
The other PC and I are playing Drow twin siblings. The GM's being pretty lenient in letting us be ass-kickers supreme, Arcane archers, having an innate telepathic link with each other since we're twins, yada, yada. The backstory goes that we were sent from the Underdark to infiltrate the criminal underworld in a certain city to get ourselves into positions of power in the Thieve's/Assassin's Guild and wait for our drow compatriots to come in on a raid. But somehow, our covers got blown, we got captured, knocked out. We woke up with bounties of 3000 gold each on our heads, and silver collars around our necks. The collars are supposedly magic and when triggered, will sever our heads if we:
a) Cast any type of magic specifically on the collars. Even 'detect magic.'
b) Openly defy the Thieve's/Assassin's Guild in any way.
c) Harm or allow harm to come to our handler.
d) Fail to report in to our handler every 24 hours.
Here's what we know about the collars.
a) They have no clasp. No beginning, no end. It's all one smooth piece. Something that a good jewelrysmith could make in one piece around our necks if we were incapacitated, which we were.
b) They do not project a magical aura.

I halfway suspect that these collars aren't magical at all, and that we're being controlled psychologically, but then, I have no concept of the rules of magic. Can anyone help me?
29th-Dec-2004 09:04 pm (UTC)
1. Is your DM a seasoned Dungeons and Dragons player? Does he know the rules well, or is he stumbling about with them like you are?

That'd be a huge factor for basing if this item is really in the ruleset or if he's making things up to create an interesting story as he learns the rules himself, as a lot of beginning DM's do (some veteran DMs still make up random stuff with no rules supporting them too, but it's a good starting point.)

2. It doesn't say you can't melt them off. Take them to a smith that has no association with the Thieves Guild one way or another (so it's not defying the guild) and pay him lots of money (so he's doing it to make money, not help you defy the guild) and get the collars smoltered off your neck. You might take some damage, but a good craftsman could do it.
29th-Dec-2004 09:10 pm (UTC)
Rich is extremely seasoned. He's a hell of a GM, and I'm pretty sure that he's playing by the rules. We've had to bust out the books alot to check the rules for the spells that the other PC was firing off.

Something I forgot to add to my previous post. Supposedly, we've tried to have the collars cut off, but they weren't even damaged. We thought about having them melted off with acid, but we're afraid we're going to trigger the collars.
29th-Dec-2004 09:12 pm (UTC)
Have a smith burn them off with fire. You can use a resistance spell to resist fire damage on yourselves so the burning doesn't hurt your skin so bad. If a smith does it, then you're not defying the guild--the smith technically would be--but if the smith is doing it for money, there goes the idea of defiance altogether. Now he's doing it to make some extra cash.
29th-Dec-2004 10:05 pm (UTC)
Magic auras can be hidden, there's a spell for it(can't remember the name but I'm pretty sure it's a lowish level player's guide one).

Is that YOU can't cast magic on the collars or that magic can't be cast on the colars? That may be a deliberate slip up.

Get your magic resistance increased to a high level.

"Remove curse" cast on you isn't casting directly on the collars-might work.

Perhaps you could find an area where magic is supressed, and some way to get there within 24hrs and could have the collars removed there.

You could perhaps persuade a magic user to research how such a thing could be done(possible there'd be multiple ways) and how such methods could be dealt with-and possibly one method might counter all possibilities so you could try that.

Get attacked magically and hope the collars fail their saves:) If you get that desperate.

Play along and see what happens, such things may be turned to advantage if you play really smart.

Lock your handler up somewhere you set up a base; as long as you keep him well it's not harming him as such and you can report in easily.

Get someone to read the minds of people involved and see what they think about it.

As you're twins would the handler know the difference? If not one of you can report in early then again a bit later; while the other works on..whatever.

If your spell casting class gets it then possibly a wish spell would work; you could get a scroll.

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Sounds like you'll be having fun with it anyway:)
Oh and the item could almost certainly be made within the rules if there's a powerful enough magic user willing to do it.
29th-Dec-2004 11:22 pm (UTC)
Any magic directed at the collars themselves, be it from us or from someone else will trigger them.

I actually thought of us taking Denan and Zil to a place where magic doesn't exist. Anti-magic, I think it's called. The gist of the explanation I got was that if we go to a place where magic doesn't exist and doesn't work, the place would have to be totally dead. No life whatsoever, since mana draws off of life. But if we found such a place, Denan and Zil would still be alive so magic would still exist.

And sadly...they are fraternal twins, brother/sister. So our handler would know the difference. And we have to show up together, so our DM's really got us pinned between a rock and a hard place. If we traveled any considerable distance, we'd have to use a teleportation spell.

29th-Dec-2004 10:12 pm (UTC)
If you wanted, you could say yo your DM "we're going to go on a quest to find someone (or something) to get these *insert drow curses* collars off!" That could make for a good side plot or something, if your DM wants to get creative. If it would stray too far from the main story, though, and your DM doesn't want you doing anything of the sort ,well, spriksie has been making pretty good suggestions.

Here are some other thoughts/suggestions that come to mind:
-The collars may be adamantine, which is extremely hard.
-If they are truly magical, they may have some protective enchantment which stops them from giving off an aura (Nystul's Magic Aura made permanent or even incorporated into the creation of the item comes to mind).
-If your DM is truly following the rules by the book, then it is still possible to have an item like the one you described (Craft Wondrous Item feat combined with any of a large number of death spells and an aura-altering spell). It may just be completely nonmagical, on the other hand.
-Use some detection magic on your "handler" - detect thoughts or discern lies or something similar. You won't actually be harming him/her so that should be okay. Then ask some questions about the collar.
-Have a cleric use divination or other similar magic to ask a deity about the collars. For instance, "Will it be okay if we cast magic on these collars?" Divination magic of higher levels has a pretty good chance of success.
29th-Dec-2004 11:26 pm (UTC)
Well, the advantage is, is that we tell our DM what we want to do and he pretty much lets us do whatever he wants. Our story is open-ended. So at first we focused on the collars and sat there and just yammered and bitched for about an hour and tried to figure out what we were doing. Rich told us we were overthinking it too much and we needed to dumb it down a bit. So then we decided just to play along with things and we're involved in some sort of bloody coup with the thieve's guild now.

I like the divination suggestion though. And the detect thoughts.
(Deleted comment)
30th-Dec-2004 06:34 am (UTC)
I agree. Just keep on playing. If it really becomes a problem, resort to reading thoughts or asking gods. I would suggest trying to accomplish whatever immediate goals the party has and then letting your DM know you want to go questing to figure out how to get rid of the collars.
30th-Dec-2004 09:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, that was kind of the thing. We're too valuable for the Guild to axe us on a whim.
Right now we're following orders to make a hit on another power player within the Guild who's targeting the Guildmaster.
30th-Dec-2004 09:44 pm (UTC)
make friends with a beholder. ^_^
31st-Dec-2004 03:28 am (UTC)
What's a beholder?
31st-Dec-2004 09:30 am (UTC)
Orb shaped monster that levitates and has eye stalks that have various magical spells that fire at will... one being dispell.

I suggest that you either go to a magic dead area if you guys are playing forgotten realms, or go for mordenkaines disjunction and a few levels of craft in blacksmithing or armour smith.

The disjunction nulls all magic in a certain area, and magic items have to make a save against a disjunction or be destroyed, then if your DM is ever annoying... use the craft check on the collars to dismantle them.

Otherwise, play along.
31st-Dec-2004 06:45 pm (UTC)
hehe, dispel. Yeah. that could be a problem... but the beholder would have to target the collar...

Anyway, it was more a joke than a serious suggestion. There are MUCH better ways to get the collars off than finding a beholder! ~_^
31st-Dec-2004 06:39 pm (UTC)
Oh sorry. You can check them out in the Monster Manual, but basically they are great big eyeballs that float around, and they are usually found deep in the underdark. The significance about them, is that their central eye generates an antimagic field. This would temporarily negate ANY magical enchantment on your collars, so you could break them without having to worry about setting them off. It doesn't state that a dead beholder stops generating this field... in fact, undead beholders who still have their central eye DO still generate an antimagic field. Hmmm... However, beholders are extremely malicious, and xenophopic. They are intolerant of any other race and will probably try to kill you on sight... they are CR 13, so, unless you're up there in the levels you probably don't want to consider this.
18th-Jan-2005 04:35 am (UTC)
Any news on how this is going now?
18th-Jan-2005 05:29 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, Rich has left for the semester, so this whole scenario's on hold. But we're just coasting with the collars right now.
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