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D&D 3E
Campaign ideas wanted 
20th-Dec-2004 11:05 am
Ok, so I have a new playtesting game for Hallowed Ground. 6th level PCs, serving a fininte-deity that uses the name of Apollo. The PCs, one of whom is a four-year cleric of Appollo (and a craftsman), were recently claimed by the godling to go forth and convert at town for him.

Hallowed Ground is a work describing exactly this sort of thing, so I have rules as to how everything will play out. What I'd like is some more ideas.

So, hit me. And don't worry about if the rules can handle it or not--the rules fit the game, not vice versa, and the whole point of playtesting is to see how they handle the mass of thoughts and concepts that get tossed at them.
20th-Dec-2004 04:27 pm (UTC)
First thing - why is the god interested in that town. This sets up for why other people might also be interested, and its general importance. Is it a big town in a region lacking in followers? A trade town that sees many travellers. Does it have a large group of followers of a deity opposed to Apollo? Did some bad event happen there and only by having the continued presence of worshippers of Apollo can it be prevented from happenening again (or something locked away under the town that cant be unleashed)? Was it really Apollo who appeared to them? Who else might benefit from having Apollo worshipped there? Who definitely wont benefit? Which churches oppose him? (note that they neednt necessarily be evil - any church will not appreciate loosing its congregation). Who will be sent there by the church to set up a new temple once the PCs have laid the foundation? Is he/she/it corrupt? Or not corrupt but under a morally dubious agenda (lost love etc)? Are the peopl of the town really what they seem? Is the town secluded - inbreeding of a tainted bloodline in the town means many half-fiends are present? Is the town goign to play an importna tpart in a war many years in the future (if time travelling adventures is your thing)?

Thats my rambling thoughts - many can be linked in with Planescape-type ideas on the power of the beliefs of groups on a location.
20th-Dec-2004 04:46 pm (UTC)

Apollo (who isn't the greek god anymore than he's the Battlestar pilot) wants the town because it's populous and he's known-but-not-worshiped there. He wants the power he can gain from belief -- plus the adoration of some fanatics.

Apollo's allies (who will likely have greek-names with different personalities) will benefit from Pantehon Tithe (i.e., a part of worship that each member gives to others), and other goodly deities will benefit from the PC's shifting the land from Contested to Righteous (--this is a core Hallowed Ground Mechanic--).

While non-allied goodly gods might contest the PCs for control of the city, wild gods of the forest would oppose the infringement on their lands around the city, and evil powers might object even more strenuously -- Righteous ground isn't an easy place for devils and demons to work their power.

I don't think Apollo has a formal church -- if he did, he wouldn't be grabbing scam-artists to get him a city. He probably wants to go from being a demigod (i.e., one with no real station) to a lesser god (i.e., god of this city.) Doing so is going to give him power, albeit different than what a similar shift in Deites & Demigods would.

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