Doug Meerschaert (planesdragon) wrote in dnd3e,
Doug Meerschaert

Campaign ideas wanted

Ok, so I have a new playtesting game for Hallowed Ground. 6th level PCs, serving a fininte-deity that uses the name of Apollo. The PCs, one of whom is a four-year cleric of Appollo (and a craftsman), were recently claimed by the godling to go forth and convert at town for him.

Hallowed Ground is a work describing exactly this sort of thing, so I have rules as to how everything will play out. What I'd like is some more ideas.

So, hit me. And don't worry about if the rules can handle it or not--the rules fit the game, not vice versa, and the whole point of playtesting is to see how they handle the mass of thoughts and concepts that get tossed at them.

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