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D&D 3E
ok, im hoping to get a lot of responses to this post....im writing a… 
15th-Dec-2004 09:37 pm
ok, im hoping to get a lot of responses to this post....im writing a story in the forgotten realms setting and i need characters. can people email me their favorite characters with some description on how i should write them in my story?? my email is dj_cannon08@yahoo.com so if you send any characters i would be MUCH appreciated. if you want updates also on the story just ask when you email.
16th-Dec-2004 06:44 am (UTC)
Do you mean our own PC's or NPC's or do you mean Realms characters who we think should be in your game?
16th-Dec-2004 09:17 pm (UTC)
i mena the people that post on here PC's. im just looking for characters to be put in for the story. seeing how out of fun i made the main bad guys pet a CR 30 creature.....i think i need a big group just for kicks and giggles :-P
16th-Dec-2004 01:23 pm (UTC)
What's the basic plot or premise? Any particular locations?
16th-Dec-2004 09:18 pm (UTC)
im pretty much going to have them run all over the place. im doing a typical "was out on a camping trip and fell into a portal to another world" kinda thing for my 3 characters im putting in.
16th-Dec-2004 02:47 pm (UTC)
if your just gonna use characters already created i'd go with drizzt but you might wanna change his name around a bit since he has so many books out already as it is. don't want to run into copyright or trademark lawsuits just for writing a story outta fun. if your attempting to get ideas of characters people have played then that'd be pretty awesome and i have a list of colorful people i could give you from several of my campaigns.although like i said if your just doing it for fun and you want real forgotten realms people look up some of the forgotten realms novels or even their campaign setting books you might get an idea or two there.
16th-Dec-2004 09:21 pm (UTC)
i was thinking about using the characters in previous book, but then it wasnt as creative. i have a friend who LOVES the forgotten realms books, so i could easily ask him about who i should put in and their names a traits and so forth.....but that doesnt leave a whole lot of creativity. it may also be pointed out that asking people on here doesnt show a lot of creativity either, but if you choose the characters from the books then you have to watch out for copyright infringment like you said. so id rather just skip that :-)
16th-Dec-2004 09:36 pm (UTC) - Whoa hold up a sec
Actually you have to watch out for copyright infringement anyway. All characters, people, places, magical items, cities, dieties, and even forgotten realms in general are all heavily trademarked. You can't even use a forgotten realms logo on a website without giving credit and prefferably linking to Wizards of the Coast. I would seriously steer away from using anything found in any wizards of the coast product in a story, unless you're writing it as fanfiction (which has its own rules, I'd do some research into fanfiction copyright infringement before even thinking about it.

If you want to write a story and maybe publish it or even Epublish it, I'd do some legwork and make it your own. Something not written from an existing campaign world would be less contrite anyway.

If you are looking for characters, what kind of characters are you looking for? Living or undead, heroic or villain, male or female. Races and classes? (gensai's, again trademarked keep in mind, are playable races in forgotten realms, but make strange characters). Do you want heroes, antiheroes or villains? Some of the most interesting characters are anti-heroes, like Elric from Michael Moorcock, or the original dragon from Robert Jordan. Are you looking for weak characters just starting their careers, or seasoned adventurers complete with a full stock of magical items, or somewhere in between?
17th-Dec-2004 12:13 am (UTC) - Re: Whoa hold up a sec
that is true, i do need to watch out about that. ill admit i dont know to much about writing fanfictions, so will look into that, thanks for reminding me. also as of right now im just writing the story for myself. i realize i made a promise to send the story so far to people if they wanted, but ill have to look up rules of fanfiction before that happens.

as for what kind of characters i need, any and all will be appreciated. ill need some villains to help the characters progress throughout the story. and ill also need some heroes to help out the characters i already have.
17th-Dec-2004 03:04 pm (UTC) - Re: Whoa hold up a sec
i think the easiest way to avoid copyright's and trademarks is to take an item or a place and give it your own edge. like the holy avenger could easlily become something like Blade of as for characters i don't like following the basic rules when it comes to character creation and i always try to add my own twist and edge into every campaign i do, i wrote a fanfiction story for a school project a few year's back and i had to be careful it's not real hard if you just watch your wording. like let's say you wanna use drizzt but don't want the penalities that could come along with it see if any of the characters you've played relate to the way drizzt acts and then just use that character. like i said if u need characters and u want some let me know and i'll give you a listing.
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