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D&D 3E
Hey everybody, just joined, ::waves:: nice to be here. Now, onto… 
27th-Apr-2003 02:39 pm
Hey everybody, just joined, ::waves:: nice to be here.

Now, onto business.

I'm trying to create a campaign based around sieging a holy orders city and temple. The weekly goals would be things like breaching walls or gatehouses, finding supply rooms, disrupting supply lines, preventing messengers from leaving or entering, etc.

The PCs would be on the side of evil. I'd like them to be something other than standard humanoids, but, I'm having trouble thinking of monsters that would work without being overly powerful/disruptive to the cohesiveness of the campaign.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
27th-Apr-2003 03:33 pm (UTC)
Kobolds and goblins are good - they are not powerful really BUT they are small and make VERY good guerilla/shock/commando troops due to their small size and ability to get into/navigate dark/small places with ease. Forcing the heroes to 'think small' can be a really good RP challenge

Evil monster campaigns really do take a different approach to the standard. Try getting hold of the published adventure 'reverse dungeon' if you get the chance - this describes a sample series of advantures where the PC's are monsters fighting off the invading heroes, the idea being that the PC's take the roles of increasingly harder monsters asd the advanture continues and the NPC heroes advance further into the dungeon.
27th-Apr-2003 05:08 pm (UTC)
Orcs. Orcs, gobs, hobgobs, any generally grody human-in-uglyskin.
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