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D&D 3E
I want my Mummy 
30th-Nov-2004 11:38 am
I am to play a mummified inflictor(a custome designed class done as a reversal of the healer class from the miniatures handbook). A mummy has an intelligence modifier of -4, so I put one of his two high scores in intelligence, dropping it to 14. I put his other high score into wisdom. His wisdom, modified is around 20. So, my question is how I should play this mummy. He is a thinking creature, and wise. Is he crafty? Is he calculating? How much intellectual capability is he capable of, like in the movie, the mummy where he is intelligent and cunning. I don't want to play "the mummy" I want to play a character who happens to be a mummy.Any thoughts?

Oh, I used the mummified template from savage species. +4 level adjustment.

edit: I have now included details about the character and the inflicter prestige class for everyone's perusal. Enjoy.
30th-Nov-2004 05:34 pm (UTC)
I guess I would think about who he was before he died and why he was mummified. What were his goals were when he was alive? What, if anything, does he feels like he missed out on by dying? What does he want to accomplish now that he's "alive" again?

I don't know anything about the Inflictor so before I could make any specific recomendations I would need to know: is it a divine spellcaster class? is the character evil?
30th-Nov-2004 05:38 pm (UTC)
Okay, sorry

He was a good healer before he died. Now he is an inflictor, a divine spelcasting class with limited spell selection and stats similar to a cleric.

He was a prince, who was murdered by his older brother in a manner that would prevent a normal afterlife, his clergy animated him as a mummy and cared for him. I have a whole 5 page back story...

I was just curious on the intellectual qualities and what a mummy would think/know. How smart is he? Is intelligence a good meter?
30th-Nov-2004 05:38 pm (UTC)
Intelligence 14 is well above (human) average, so the mummy would be capable of formulating plans, learning from mistakes, and understanding battle tactics.

With a 20 Wisdom, the mummy will have a great deal of common sense and insight. Not only will the mummy be in touch with the spiritual side of things, but he'll also be very aware of what's going on around him (spot, sense motive, and listen are Wisdom based).

Putting those two together... you have a creature that's very aware of its surroundings, and capable of formulating all kinds of plans. While he may not be the most charismatic PC, he understands a lot about people.

BTW, did you change the use of Charisma in the inflictor class?
30th-Nov-2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
i think we just reversed it.
30th-Nov-2004 06:31 pm (UTC)
Siege got it about right.

If your worried about how much any particular character should know and don't want to play him using your knowledge/intellect, just take a gander at his Intelligence score.

Like it was mentioned, 14 is well above the norm for a human. Typical humans have an Int of 9-10, so 4-5 points higher than that is pretty decent. True, he's not up there with the great thinkers, forming complex theories of the universe and understanding everything about everything and studying whatever books he can get, but he has the capacity not only for higher thinking, but a rather large capacity at that.

With an Int of 14, you don't have to worry about playing like a mindless fool, as you might if you had an Int of, say, 6.

If you're worried about his knowledge of the current world, and what had gone on around the world while he was "dead," give him a few Knowledge skills. Knowledge checks are always flat Int checks if you don't have the skill (giving you basic knowledge of whatever it is), but having the skill increases your chance at passing such a check, and can yield better results from your DM.

Or you could merely throw 1 rank into whatever knowledge you deem appropriate, just for "flavor," or to signify that he has at least a basic udnerstanding of that knowledge, such as Nobility (which is good if he was a Prince), Religion (good for a Healer), and however else you want to personalize him.

For a mummified prince (regardless of the class), I would probably give him at least a few ranks (cross or not) in the aforementioned two, and also History, at the very least. Arcana would be next on my list, depending on skill points.
30th-Nov-2004 08:25 pm (UTC) - Just for reference...
All of the hit points, saving throws, base attack bonus, and skill points are the same as the healer class from miniatures handbook. Knowledge(undead) replaces heal as profficiency.

level benefit
1 harming hands (all inflict spells deal +charisma modifier damage)
2 Skill focus(knowledge undead)
3 Hold person 1/day
4 contagion 1/day
5 cause fear 2/day
6 poison 2/day
7 effortless infliction(inflict spells do not cause attacks of opportun.)
8 black unicorn companion
9 blindness 2/day
10 enervation 1/day
13 flesh to stone 1/day
15 Create undead 1/day
18 create greater undead 1/day
20 destruction 1/day

0- inflict minor wounds, deathwatch, detect magic, detect good, no light(bvd), mending, preserve organ(bvd), slash tongue(bvd)
1- curse water, inflict light, heartache(bvd), sorrow(bvd), protection from good, slow consumption(bvd), suspend disease(bvd), cause fear, bane, detect undead
2- death knell, desecrate, inflict moderate, gentle repose, darkness, hold person, status, wave of grief(bvd), wither limb(bvd)
3- bestow curse, blindness/deafness, contagion, inflict serious, speak w/dead, circle of nausea(bvd), sadism(bvd), unliving weapon(bvd), wrack(bvd)
4- inflict critical, poison, freedom of movement, damning darkness(bvd), hell's power(bvd), psychic poision(bvd), stop heart(bvd) negative energy aura(planar handbook)
5- atonement, inflict light mass, mark of justice, symbol of pain, unhallow, charnel fire(bvd), heartclutch(bvd), morality undone(bvd), resonating resistance(bvd)
6- harm, inflict mod mass, thousand needles(bvd), antilife shell(bvd), symbol of fear, undeath to death
7- mass inflict serious, bestow greater curse, repulsion, symbol of stunning
8- discern location, unholy aura, inflict crit mass, befoul(bvd), bodak birth(bvd), pestilence(bvd)
9- foresight, mass harm, soul bind(bvd), despoil(bvd)

Jareth Alsethroph is known as the pardoner
Inflicter of andeloth, lesser power created by and serving Vecna
Mummified(savage species) Human
lvl. 11 inflictor (15 ECL)
str 22(gauntlets of ogre power), dex 16, con -, int 13 wis 22 cha 18(with circlet of persuasion)
Dr 5/magic, slam 1d8+ mummy rot, 60' darkvision, 1/2 physical damage
despair will dc 20 or paralysis for 1d4 rds
+ 4 damage to all inflict spells
feats: sunder, malign spell focus(bvd), spell focus(necromancy), greater spell focus(necromancy), spell penetration
Magic items(totaling 200,000 as per dmg):
Shieldbreaker(+4 adamantine screaming warmace), scarab golumbane(any), chime of opening, nolzur's marvelous pigments, greater metamagic rod(silent), flesheater rod(bvd), circlet of persuasion, gauntlets of ogre power, ring of protection +2, ring of energy resistance(greater, fire), boots of springing and striding, +3 mithril chainshirt, monk's belt, crocodile mask(see below)
Immune to: mind affecting, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death affects, necromatic effects, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage/drain, massive damage

I got this item off of Seankreynolds.com . He is a designer for
Wizards who's written/organized a few books. Here it is

Crocodile Mask: This metal mask is shaped like a crocodile's head and
decorated with green ornamental stones. Its bearer may activate it
once per day by speaking a command word, causing it to move and
articulate as if it were an extension of the wearer's body. When the
mask is active, the wearer may make a bite attack once per round as if
he had a bite attack as a natural weapon, dealing 1d8 hit points of
damage plus Strength bonus. The wearer may use Improved Grab with the
bite attack against opponents of his size or smaller, and deals bite
damage on later rounds with a successful grapple check. The mask
remains active for five rounds before becoming inert (releasing any
bitten creature when it does so). While biting, the wearer can't
speak, cast spells with verbal components, activate command word
items, or do anything else that requires articulation of his mouth.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, summon
monster III; Market Price: 5,000 gp.

30th-Nov-2004 10:40 pm (UTC) - Re: Just for reference...
Have you tried out the inflictor class? I mean, it seems balanced now (at least against the Healer class), but I know from experience that reversing classes doesn't always work. We tried to make a dark knight out of the paladin class, and it ended up being way to powerful (cause disease is a really insane ability. You can destroy entire cities if will used). I'm not saying this is the case for your class, I'm just curious if it works or not.

Also, Black Unicorn companion? How about a Nightmare? ;p They always seemed to be the evil versions of Unicorns to me :p
1st-Dec-2004 12:11 am (UTC) - Re: Just for reference...
Nightmare + mummy = combustion. Good suggestion though

I haven't tried it, but we're playing an undead heavy game. Basically I'll serve as the party's heal-monkey, since they are undead and healed by negative energy. At 15th level, most of the things we come up against will be immune to most of the effects. I'll let you know how it goes though!
1st-Dec-2004 12:49 am (UTC) - Re: Just for reference...
I realize that a mummy might not work well with a Nightmare, but no one ever said the class had to be tailored to mummies ;p

Good luck with it :)
1st-Dec-2004 01:17 am (UTC)
I'd like to compare the mummified template from Savage Species with it's daughter in Libris Mortis, see if anything got tweaked.
1st-Dec-2004 04:54 am (UTC)
You know, I had them both here and didn't think to check. They probably fixed the magic/+1 damage resistance thing at the very least.
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