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The leather PHB (the first non-nonsense print version of 3.5) says Scrying can be used against "some creature" that you have "some connection to".

Does this mean you can Scry for "The fairest in the land" (or something less subjective, like "the most charismatic member of my race in this land") as long as the result is, unbeknownst to you, some random person you know, have met or have heard of?

And it will fail if it isn't someone you know, have met or have heard of? Even that returns some knowledge, if you assumed the result would be yourself!

If you can't identify the subject of a Scry be any property they have (for example, checking you have exactly 200 GP in your pouch by Scrying for "The nearest person carrying 200 GP" and checking if the mirror/pool shows yourself), is a name a property?

If Adam is a real character and Bob fools Charlie by posing as Adam, and Charlie cast Scry, asking to see Adam, will they see Adam or Bob? Does it make any difference if Charlie has met the real Adam or not? This came up in a game where a doppleganger was posing as a character we had not previously met: we scryed on that character and it was questionable whether we would get a "wrong number" or not.

One issue: is the identifying the target something the CHARACTER does or that the PLAYER does: if it is the player, then the DM can negotiate with the player exactly who they are trying to locate, and avoid the capriciousness of "wish wording".

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