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D&D 3E
Top Ten of Level 1 
24th-Nov-2004 10:18 pm
I'm starting a new character at level 1 and I've chosen a wizard. He rolled an 18 for Int (lucky, I swear) and he's using a feat from Complete Arcane called Wizardly Training, I think. It allows the character to get double the spells in his spellbook, i.e. 6+int bonus at 1st level and 4 every level afterwards. My question is, having 10 spells at level one, which are the top ten level 1 wizard spells out there? I mean in official WotC 3e and 3.5 books, that haven't been nerfed or are borken to pieces. What do you think are the ten most essential?

Also, I think I want to make my level 1 feat Spellf Focus, so given this list, what school should I choose?
25th-Nov-2004 05:18 am (UTC)
1. Magic Missle, decent damage, affects everything, can't miss
2. Mage Armor Free armor, must have
3. Shield again, free armor, must have
4. Identify- despite material component cost
5. True strike-for when you really need to hit, with weapon or rays
6. hold Portal-for when you have to run
7. expedious retreat-see above, but also cover distance in combat faster
8. tensor's floating disk- Tremendously useful.
9. Charm person-Good for out of combat encounters
10. Spectral hand-touch spells from a distance, hell yes

honourable mention: ray of enfeeblement(good effect), Featherfall(safety first)
25th-Nov-2004 05:43 am (UTC)
I am AMAZED you left out Color Spray. Ignore the falacious description in the spell listing and read the body of the spell. This spell affects EVERYTHING in a 15ft cone. Of all the first level spells, it packs more punch at low levels than any other single spell.

And I'd also really recommend Enlarge Person to buff the fighters. Enlarge Person Items are fantastic Misc Magic items.
25th-Nov-2004 07:22 am (UTC)
Good list.
25th-Nov-2004 03:56 pm (UTC)
Its highly dependent on what you specialize in, but here's some good ones for all.

Although I would advise against Spectral hand. At level 1, you have a 2 1st level spells per day (unless you take Prodogy). Your not going to use that one, and with 4 spells per level its not hard to get.

Generic good ones:
Charm person (although I usually find this has conflict with the good alignments), but otherwise its good for getting people todo what you want.
Mage Armor: Simply, easy, good AC bonus, and it lasts 1 hour / lvl
Magic Missile Despite the silly name its the generic attack spell thats still usable at lvl 9.
SleepEssential for a lvl 1 wizard. If you specialize in enchanmtent all the better! But put many o0f those kobolds or barfighters to bed!
Cause Fear: make the fuckers run away. If not they get hegitices!
Silent image: Good for tricking enem,ies and putting on a good show at the tavern.
IdentifyIts very hard to get off considering the meterial component, espeically at first level. But if you have the ability to, DO IT! Otherwise wait until a later level for it.
True strike People often ignore thsi spell along with a heavey crossbow. and you get to ignore miss and concilement.

I don't remember anymore, and no PHB on hand. But there ya go.
26th-Nov-2004 12:53 am (UTC) - whoa, hold on, warning
Sleep is a good spell,for first level. However, once you get to level 5, 6, 7 etc., it is a total waste of a spell. Read the description and think Very carefully before choosing it.

Cause fear is also a hard one. Many enemies you don't want running away from you. The dc to save is fairly low, and undead and many demons etc. are immune.

Silent image really should have been on my list. It is a great spell. Concealing a doorway behind a facade of rock, hiding an item dropped on the floor, etc. It is really really a useful spell, don't know why I forgeot it.
26th-Nov-2004 01:04 am (UTC) - Re: whoa, hold on, warning
The thing is that your a wuizard. You don't really have to worry about spells choice. For a scorerer I would agree with sleep and cause fear, however when your choosing 10 spells at first level and 4 every one there after those spells that ciome into play do so, and when they become obsolete you don't memorize them anymore.

But for the time in which you do, they are invaluable. And how many undead/deamons does one fight at 1st level. Also undead = disrupt undead.
(Deleted comment)
26th-Nov-2004 12:55 am (UTC) - wow
Fist of stone seems seriously unbalanced.

This gives you a 1d8+3(at least) dmg attack, and a +3 to hit with it. You are considered armed immediately, and it is a first level spell. I would seriously consider the balance in that.
26th-Nov-2004 05:16 am (UTC)
even better feat: Arcane Understanding. Each level, gain spells equal to your intel mod. *thrust*

Sun elf mage...each level, BAM, 11 new spells.
26th-Nov-2004 10:57 am (UTC)
It all depends on the style of the wizard you want to play, but an option is to choose your spells around the spell focus feat that you select. The top 3 choices initially will likely be

Spell Focus:Enchantment - in which case you want to have sleep and charm person
Spell Focus:Necromancy - Cause Fear and Ray of Enfeeblement(Backed up with True Strike - very handy versus low level BBGs)
Spell Focus:Illusion - if you want to play with Silent Image, which is a nice versatile spell, and Colour Spray

Each of these has an area effect option to remove opponents from play. They're pretty strong routes. Alternatively, there's conjuration - the only real effect the spell focus will have is to Grease, but that can eb a versatile useful spell to have too. Once you've chosen the feat, then fill in the rest - True Strike, Shield, Mage Armour should be certain. Maybe protection from Evil too. IMO Magic Missile can wait. A low level mage fighting goblins and kobolds wants sleep/fear/colour spray, not just one target spells. But if you have spell options to burn, go for it.

Alternatuively play as the toolkit wizard and take you're pick of the transmutations (Jump, Feather fall, enlarge, spider climb etc) - might not be obvious utility in combat, but for exploration/recon/espionage they can be very useful

BTW Hi, first post!
29th-Nov-2004 03:08 pm (UTC) - Ten?
Ten? There's only one and that's MAGICfuckingMISSLE. It attacks the darkness for christ sakes!
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