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D&D 3E
Undead Campaign? 
24th-Nov-2004 11:50 am
I bought Libris Mortis last week and am beginning to develop some ideas for an undead campaign I plan to run early next year. Still debating on whether to set the PCs up as the good guys or the bad guys, though. Anyone here ever run, or play in, an undead campaign? What worked? What didn't?
24th-Nov-2004 05:41 pm (UTC)
Libris Mortis is great. Besides the requisite supplement fodder of new feats, spells and prestige classes, it includes great background material and full information on Undead Monster Classes (as opposed to high-powered templates from the Monster Manual) for creating undead characters with full level-by-level progressions. There's also a short but interesting chapter of new equipment (including undead armor and grafts), a slew of new monsters, and some great ideas for incorporating it all into your campaign.

The Dragon info was cool, too, and fits in pretty well with the stuff from LM.
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