iamtim (iamtim) wrote in dnd3e,

NPC Question...

Hi, I'm new to the group.

Have a quick NPC question; no rules, more opinion and personal preference. I'm starting a D&D3 campaign in a small, shanty village that used to be a decent port. It's been abandoned for the much larger city up the coast.

Anyway, one of the NPCs is called "Lucky Left" - he's a bum that lives essentially under the boardwalks that make up the "roads" of this little shanty town. He's called Lucky Left because his right leg was lost at the knee and is now a peg-leg - He's lucky to have his left leg, get it?

Moving on, he's going to be a good source of information for the PCs because no one pays too much attention to him and he gets to hear lots of good info. He should be generally pitiful.

All that said, what race should I make Lucky Left? I was initially thinking human, but I'm wondering if maybe half-orc wouldn't be better, or maybe even halfling?


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