Cnote (billydookie) wrote in dnd3e,


HI! The names Clinton or C-Note. I've been playing D&D for around 2 years now and I love it! DUH!

Anyways I would like it if you guys answered a question for me. I have been thinking about opening a small/medium size SHOP for gaming located in Michigan because that's where i live.

It would feature the selling of D&D and other RPG game books/ accesiories, Magic the Gathering and other various cards for sale, miniatures, places to sit and play, rooms to play RPG's in, a little area with a TV to watch movies like LOTR or games like Halo and such. Some food would be sold to replinsh energy. Weekly tournaments would be a must with nice prizes and so on. Basically it's this, "A Rec Center for geeks". I would always try to get low low prices on w/e but a good quality. What are your thoughts, comments, ideas?


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