siege72 (siege72) wrote in dnd3e,

Sharing 5' Squares

Back when I first started running 3E with my group, I made a serious mistake. The issue of two characters sharing a single 5-foot square came up, and I decided to allow it. It was abused more times that I can think about, including three characters sharing a square during combat.

Now that I'm running a brand-new campaign, I want to do things differently. But if I disallow 5' square sharing totally, the players will revolt.

Right now, I've house ruled that that for every additional person in a square, there's a cumulative -5 penalty to everything: skill checks, attack rolls, saving throws, AC, etc as well as 25% chance of spell failure.

The players think my modifiers are extreme and unfair. I'm willing to bend a little bit, but having minor penalties seems to invite abuse.

Any thoughts?

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