gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

character ideas.

So I'm currently DM'ing but I miss playing and I'll have an opportunity to play soon. I'm toying with character concepts, the monk/sorcerer combo I posted about below was one I was considering but I probably won't go with it because it needs too many high scores and I really don't like multi-classing either monks or sorcerers, regardless of the rules problems caused by my touch spell/unarmed attack combo. I'm also not in the mood to play Lawful-Anything. The other idea I had, one I copped from my wife is for a swashbuckler pirate type bard. I've never played a bard and it seemed like a neat idea. I'd be Chaotic Neutral, the bad boy with a heart of gold type, Cap'n Jack Sparrow, etc. But then I was on and I saw a game called 3-foot ninja, or something like that, and I got the awesome idea of playing a halfling fighter/rogue ninja type guy with a high disguise skill, who poses as a human child when he's not busy kicking-ass. Seemed like a fun idea. I still can't decide. I'll probably end up going with the pirate. I have no idea why I'm even positng this here. I'm bored. blah.

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