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D&D 3E
character ideas. 
16th-Nov-2004 05:25 pm
So I'm currently DM'ing but I miss playing and I'll have an opportunity to play soon. I'm toying with character concepts, the monk/sorcerer combo I posted about below was one I was considering but I probably won't go with it because it needs too many high scores and I really don't like multi-classing either monks or sorcerers, regardless of the rules problems caused by my touch spell/unarmed attack combo. I'm also not in the mood to play Lawful-Anything. The other idea I had, one I copped from my wife is for a swashbuckler pirate type bard. I've never played a bard and it seemed like a neat idea. I'd be Chaotic Neutral, the bad boy with a heart of gold type, Cap'n Jack Sparrow, etc. But then I was on http://www.miniclip.com and I saw a game called 3-foot ninja, or something like that, and I got the awesome idea of playing a halfling fighter/rogue ninja type guy with a high disguise skill, who poses as a human child when he's not busy kicking-ass. Seemed like a fun idea. I still can't decide. I'll probably end up going with the pirate. I have no idea why I'm even positng this here. I'm bored. blah.
16th-Nov-2004 11:16 pm (UTC)
Go for a bard who maxes out his social skills and uses them in combat. Bluff to feint, Intimidate to shake up an opponent, and Diplomacy to try and talk them over to your side. Try for Half-elf. I'd choose monk/wizard over monk sorcerer, a Monk would get more use out of an int bonus than a cha.
16th-Nov-2004 11:58 pm (UTC)
Remember the atmosphere, the mystique.

If jack sparrow was one thing he was always cheerful and optimistic, with a sarcastic edge. Watch really old Erol Flynn movies to understand bravado.

Or Danny Kay for that matter. Try to find "the Court Jester". It's kind of a silly movie, but the attitude is priceless. It is a funny movie.
17th-Nov-2004 12:40 am (UTC)
Court Jester is a fantastic movie.

My Errol Flynn and my Jack Sparrow icons had to fight for the right to this post.
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