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I've originally mailed this to the REALMS-L mailing list, but I've got the suspicion that it was somehow swallowed up again by the list (I've had some email problems with it) - and since I need some answers within 30 hours or so, I figured I'd post it again here:

I currently have two issues in my Forgotten Realms campaign that I want to work out:

- In the current adventure, the PCs (all 3rd level) are stuck in a castle during a Dark and Stormy Night - and there is a newly hatched half-fiendish wyrmling green dragon lurking in the tunnels below the castle. The last session ended when they fought the dragon, discovered that hit had three red eyeballs in its eye sockets, and decided to break the combat off (and so did the dragon - mostly out of surprise at the ability of the psion character to throw fire at him than any real damage. He will be back... soon).

Now they have decided to do some research in the local wizard's library (the wizard became the first victim of the dragon when the egg in his laboratory hatched). This is an excellent idea - especially as it gives me some more opportunity to make them really, really nervous with some sufficiently creepy handouts. So I need the following texts that they can find in the library:

(a) Some "case histories" and stories of half-fiends in the Realms (it would be best, though not neccessary, that these stories take place in the North, since they are currently in the village of Khelb, near Silverymoon). If you have the old "Van Richten's Guide to Fiends" then you know what kind of atmosphere I am aiming for. Notes about encounters, hints about their strengths and weaknesses, and so on...

(b) Vague descriptions and speculations about an entity called the "Father of Wyrms" that has three eyes in its eye sockets - just like the dragon they are fighting against.

(The PCs know from a diary entry that the eggs were found in the lair of a relatively young green dragon - which died for unknown reasons, with no signs of involvement of violence, but her scales had been turned nearly white. They also know that three other eggs had apparently already hatched from that clutch.

(The life energies of the female green dragon were essentially consumed by the half-fiends growing within her. I do not wish to make this explicit to the PCS, but they should be able to speculate about it...)

- The PCs recently captured a (pureblood) yuan-ti who was doing something suspicious in the Nether Mountains (nothing illegal, actually - though he _did_ try to kill them when they got too nosy). The elan PC made a deal with him that once they got to Silverymoon, they would drop the charges against him and let him walk - but in exchange, he would introduce him to someone who would teach him about his newfound psionic abilities.

Of course, I could simply have the yuan-ti renege on his part of the deal and go into hiding. This would be expected - after all, yuan-ti are generally chaotic evil and not to trusted.

But that would also be _boring_! It would be by far preferable if the PC gets what he wanted - but also far more trouble than he anticipates.

For the full background of the elan, see this entry in the REALMS-L archives.

I plan the new yuan-ti - the prospective teacher - to be an unofficial "ambassador" in the North - someone who represents the interests of a particular clan of yuan-ti in the Silver Marches and lives in a posh mansion. He should have the personality of a classic "tempter" - he will try to make the PC dependant on him. Not just to have a useful patsy, but also to examine the PC's powers - which _are_ unusual enough to be worthy of further investigation.

He will probably come up with a way to portray the cabal of psionicists who turned the PC in an elan, and eventually suggest that he won't be safe without the protection of the yuan-ti. He will throw them into all sorts of things that seem to be innocuous enough in the beginning, but throw the PC into all sorts of moral dilemmas until they are "partners in crime", and the PC has no one else left to turn to other than the yuan-ti.

So, does anyone have any good character traits, story hooks, and other suggestions for this character?

(Oh, and for added fun, they have also promised - signed papers, even - to a commander of the Argent Legion that they will tell his superiors in Silverymoon everything they learn about "these new, weird powers", and do an unspecified favor for the Legion in the future. All in exchange for the commander's permission to go along with the charade of the prisoner transport...)

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