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D&D 3E
A request 
9th-Nov-2004 06:10 pm
For a campaign I'm playing in, I'm trying to find an appropriate Prestige Class for the character. The character is a wandering Cleric, on a mission to discoer his place in the world (his race, in this setting, has just awoken from 1500 years of magically enduced slumber).

I've a number of possiblities from published sources and online, but one of note I cannot find is the Mystic Wanderer class, from _Magic of Faerun_. I've been to a number stores locally, but none seem to have it in stock, and this is the only thing I need from the book.

If some kind soul, out there, could send me a copy of the class (or a pointer to where it may already be online) I would greatly appreciate it. Some kind soul sent me a copy elsewhere. Thank you.

(As I realize this is technically a request for copyrighted worksI'm screening comments. if someone is kind enough to reply with the class, I'll note such here and rescind my request, without publishing the class in general. That should put my request near, if not in fair use. Any other comments I'll send through.)

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for other PrCs I should look at, I'd apprecaite the pointers.

10th-Nov-2004 05:30 am (UTC)
I own two copies of the book in question.

If you'll let me know where exactly you'd like the file sent (and what sort of format - Word, Excel, text files and so on - you can receive), then I'll see that you can get a copy of the Mystic Wanderer prestige class for use in your game.

And so long as you use the PrC exactly as written and don't try to claim it as your own work, I don't see how this could be considered a copyright violation. If you were playing in a game I was running and wanted a reference copy of your prestige class so I could use the book to run out of, I'd provide same to you - with the selfsame clear conscience.

Delivery date will probably be tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, Nov. 10), but not later than Thursday the 11th.

10th-Nov-2004 02:18 pm (UTC)
THanks for the offer. inncubus found my email address and sent me a copy of the class already.

As for the copyright issue, I was concerned someone might copy the text of the class and post it as a reply. Which would be iffy on the copyrght scale. It would be an attributed, limited section of a published work, which means it might be fair use, but as the class is more than a paragraph in length, it isn't necessrily fair use as it is not a small segment.

10th-Nov-2004 07:34 am (UTC)
If you give me your email address I'll send you a jpg of the pdf version I've got-not the whole thing just the stuff relevant for the class.
10th-Nov-2004 02:15 pm (UTC)
I got the email of the class. Thanks.

It is what I was looking for; some good ideas, but not exactly what I want. My guess is that I''m going to write a PrC somewhere between this class and the Seeker of the Misty Isle (which, itself, has to be modified as the character in question is not an Elf).

I'll post my class once I've finished it.
10th-Nov-2004 04:22 pm (UTC)
I've never liked the racial pre-requisite thing myself; it's either impossible to fullfill or automatically fullfilled, which seems unfair.
Coming up with your own's probably the best idea though, at least you've got some basis to work from.
There might be something appropriate in the "Ultimate Prestige Classes" book, if you can get hold of it; I've not got time to check for you at the moment though.
10th-Nov-2004 04:53 pm (UTC)
In some cases, I'm Okay with ratial pre-reqs. (For instance, the Warforged and shifter prestive classes from Ebberon.)

In this case, the prerequisite seems superfulous. it even says so in the 'adaption' section of the prestige class.

I personally prefer prerequisites that have requirements akin to racial abilities or racially-typical gods.

However, the 'Seeker' class doesn't work for a number of other reasons . Not the least of which is a prerequisite - the 8 Survival means level 13 for a character who doesn't get Survival as a class skill. Which eliminates Clerics (unless they have the travel domain), Cleric/Fighters, Cleric/Bards, Paladins, Cleric/Rogues, and similar builds which otherwise seem fairly ideal for this PrC. And if you already ahve the travel domain, there is little point to take this class, as you get nearly nothing for 4 levels.

The 10th level ability for the seeker is REALLY weak. +1 BAB, no bonus to saving throw, no casting advancement. Just the free use of an ability, once per week, that a Druid or Cleric/(Ranger or barbarian) build is already very close to being able to cast.

The 6 skill points is excessive for the current character. The Reflex save progression doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and the movement-based skill bonuses aren't really approriate for the character, either. The character is also a combat cleric, which makes a high BAB more attractive.

My initial design for the PrC is to name it something along the lines of 'Questor for the Forge Home', and have a high (8 ranks) craft (armor, weapon, or blacksmith) prerequisite and a follower of a god of the forge. A few other prerequisites (Knowledge Religon of 5 ranks, and moderate level Survival (5 ranks), and 2nd or 3rd level divine spells (Depending on how attractive the class is otherwise to paladin builds). Probably a feat as well (track? Iron Will? A Magic crafting feat?)

Give the class a progrssion akin to the Sacred Fist or similar fighter-cleric classes. High BAB, High Fort save, 7 levels of magic progression, and a number of other abilities to play with. 2 or 4 skill points, depending on the size of the skill list (larger list, smaller skill point count or vice versa).

Still working on a 10th level ability.
11th-Nov-2004 06:37 am (UTC)
There's a feat somewhere, I think it's called "cosmopolitan" that allows you to select a non-class skill as a class skill(I think it might give you a bonus to it too).

I've not seen Eberon yet, but it does sound to be interesting.

10th level abilities are the most difficult; you want them to be rather nice so it's a reward for sticking with it, but not so grotty it's overbalancing. I had real problems coming up with one for a very specific type of archer class.
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