Arcane Geek (nviiibrown) wrote in dnd3e,
Arcane Geek

Separately, I wanted to give my write-up on the Sword of Omens. I know lots of other folks have done this, but here's mine.

The Sword of Omens is a +2 holy adamantine shortsword. It has the following abilities:

(Sp) With a command word ("Swords of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!") the sword can grant either clairvoyance or true seeing as if cast by a 12th level Sorcerer.

(Su) At a command word ("Sword of Omens, come to my hand!") the sword will fly into the hand of its rightful wielder (Lion-O). If restrained by bonds, the sword is treated as having a Str of 15 for pulling free of bonds or escaping the grasp of enemies wrongfully wieldng the blade. If the rightful wielder makes a Concentration check DC 15, the sword gains a 1d8 str bonus for the purpose of reaching his hand.

(Su) With a full round action and a command word ("Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats ho!") the Sword of Omens changes into a longsword and causes an effect similar to the Inspire Courage ability of an 8th level Bard.
In this form it gains the ability to cast searing light as a 10th level cleric.

All of these abilities fail to function unless the Sword is being wielded by a character of Lawful Good alignment and is being used for Lawful Good purposes. Otherwise it is still a +2 holy adamantine shortsword. The sword will not strike a creature with an aura of good, it will cease movement in mid-swing.

Also, I'd like to mention Lion-O's gauntlet, the Cat's Claw:
+1 Buckler of Climbing, grants a +5 to Climb checks and is able to fire a claw that will latch into stone up to 40' away.

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