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D&D 3E
Thundercats D&D 
6th-Nov-2004 07:49 pm
Thought about the Thundercats in D&D terms, and this is what I came up with.

Lion-O: Shifter (razorclaw) Paladin
Panthro: Shifter (beasthide) Fighter/Expert
Tigra: Shifter ( ? ) Artificer
Cheetara: Shifter (longstride) ex-Barbarian/Monk
Wilykat/-kit: Shifter (cliffwalk) Rogues

Slithe: Tren (from Serpent Kingdoms) Fighter/Rogue
Monkian: Taer (from Unapproachable East) Barbarian
Jackalman: Jackalwere (possibly gnoll) Fighter
Vultureman: Aaracockra (Monsters of Faerun) Artificer

Mumm-ra: Mummy Cleric

I had only the vaguest thoughts on the three later Thundercats, but Lynxo is certainly a wildhunt monk.
9th-Nov-2004 08:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'd call Jackalman a gnoll, even if he's based off of a jackal rather than a hyena (not related species).  Jackalweres are magical beasts with the shapechanger subtype, and that doesn't apply.

And why would Cheetara be an ex-barbarian?

10th-Nov-2004 01:15 am (UTC)
She'd keep the speed bonus as a lawful monk ;)
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