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D&D 3E
Who do I get to coup de grace? 
23rd-Apr-2003 06:54 pm
Quick question. I got one guy tied up on the ground, and another guy pinned down by my buddies. Bound guy is helpless, pinned guy is immobile. What's the real distinction? Either guy can get away with an escape artist check. The pinned guy gets a grapple check to escape, but that's on his turn.
Really, which one of these guys can I coup de grace? The tied-up guy could be furiously trying to roll himself out the door by the time I'm done with the pinned guy.
23rd-Apr-2003 04:16 pm (UTC)
You can't coup de grace the pinned guy for certain. You can only CPD a helpless opponent -- one who is bound, sleeping, held, or otherwise unable to make any action. If the guy tied up just has a few loops of rope around him, I'd rule that not even he is helpless. If he's really bound up (i.e., tied securely to a tree and unable to move at all), then he'd be helpless and subject to a CPD.
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