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Heya, I just joined the community and have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a little over a month now with my boyfriend and two of his friends from where he works. We play in the Forgoten Realms campaign setting, and though I'm new to D&D, I collect the Monster Manuals/Compendiums.

My characters:

Name: Night Eyes
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Age: 120
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level/Class: Level 10 Monk
Deity: Eilistraee
Unique feature(s): Slate grey skin and aquamarine blue eyes. Plus, she emerged in Kara-Tur, lived there for thirty years and thus has an Oriental accent when she speaks Common.

Name: Xulia Aseph Sane
Gender: Female
Race: Tiefling (Baatezu blood)
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level/Class: Level 5 Sorcerer/ Level 2 Devil Deciple
Deity: Mystra
Tiefling traits: Yellow-orange eyes, pointed teeth, a pair of horns, and a tail. Recently, she began undergoing a slow and painful transformation into a half-fiend.

Devil/Demon Deciple is my DM's custom made prestige class for Tiefling characters using a powered-down half-fiend template with an alignment choice in later levels of Lawful or Evil.

Name: Halcyon (Character in a separate Forgotten Realms D&D game.)
Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level/Class: Level 2 Rogue
Deity: Yondalla
Misc. Note: Halcyon keeps her identity hidden behind a hood/cloth scarf.

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