gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

i have writer's block, help me out.

the premise:
a long time ago some magical cataclysm destroyed the world and broke it into severalthousand magically floating islands that fly about in space. the pc's start on a world near the center of this mass of islands in a huge dust cloud, so as far as they know they are the only surviving island. several hundred years have passed and the actual details of the cataclysm are unknown to just about everyone.

the situation:
they discovered two keys, a mage key (made by ancient elves) and a psion key (made by ancient dwarves) and found there way to a mountain tample that was covered in a land slide during the cataclysm. the temple was full of ghosts and ethereal creatures because the gate in the temple is malfunctioning, trapping sould that died there in the ether and attracting ethereal creatures like a beacon, maurauders and filchers and what not. they found the gate, used both keys to activate it which was supposed to correct the problem. instead there was a blinding flash of light and they were all knocked out. i set this up intentionally so that it would coincide roughly with when they were supposed to level up, and it worked out. i did it this way because the wizard wants to multiclass as a psion and i figured the "psionic feedback" from the dwarven key was as good a reason as any for his latent psionic powers to suddenly activate. when they wake up they will be in what looks like the same gateroom they were in but its actually in a different building on a different island. i had something planned for this, but i want to change it.

my problem:
one of my players expressed a penchant for elaborate dungeon crawls. i'm ok with that. but its not what i had planned. so i'd like to start with a dungeon crawl when we play next week and they wake up but big elaborate underground dungeons aren't really my thing. so hit me with some ideas. i could do another temple i guess. or a castle on another island. i actually just got the dvd of the flying castle from netflix, i should probably watch it for ideas. anyway hit me with some inspiration.

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