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Outer Planes

My campaign involves the six outer planes of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Negative Energy, and Positive Energy. On these six planes are orbs of great power that conduct a seal that stabalizes the Prime Material (I posted about the orbs a few weeks back.) I don't want my players getting bored with the ala typical "elements" ideas and the standard six planes that are usually preyed upon for these ideas. Does anyone have any special insight into these planes/ideas of things that would make these planes otherwise unique to players that have played in past campaigns where the Plane of Fire, Water, Earth, etc. were involved?

I'm particularly thinking about the Plane of Air, since this will be the first one they go to, and I like to take things one step at a time, but I'm open to suggestions for all six of them if you have an idea for any of the other five.

I love brainstorming here. :-)

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