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I'm thinking of creating a mystical ninja sort of character by multiclassing sorcerer and rogue. I'm trying to focus on the idea of 'ninja magic', like teleporting and disappearing into shadows and multiform techniques, which are all clearly accomplishable with standard Sor/Wiz spells, such as Dimension Door and Invisibility. I'm looking for a prestige class to combine these classes a little more thoroughly. What I'd like is a kind of bonus to casting spells on the defensive, like the Bladesinger has, though Bladesong isn't quite what I'd like the ninja to go for. Arcane Trickster does combine aspects of both classes, but I'm looking for more stealth skills rather than mischief and burglary. I can always just create a PrC myself, but I wanted to see if one existed that had what I'm looking for.

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