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Hi! I'm, um, new. and a girl! yay girls.

I haven't actually played a good game of D&D. I have read up on it, ect, ect, and I love a setting I saw that linked D&D and D20 modern (it involves the githyanki getting their arses whooped by the Canadians and sniper rifles. harhar. 'It's a Leaf! Sweet Lich Queen, We were defeated by a LEAF?!') And from that has come my favorite (actually doable without pulling of hair) character, a neutral good Githyanki. his name is Isaac. *cough*

I have played a twitch of Baldur's Gate 2, and almost all of Planescape: Torment (which runs on the 2E rules, but-).

Well, I joined because, actually, I came up with a class, and I'd like to see if someone else liked it besides my buddies. It's called the Planar Channeler, which is basically a Divine spellcasting class that draws power from the planes itself, and not from the gods. it's the Agnostic/non-believing character's class.

Reqs: WIS bonus must be +2 or better. May NOT be an active follower of any god. otherwise, free to everyone and every alignment.

Die: D6 (I chose D6 because, well, it seemed right. May bump up to the Cleric's D8)
Skills: Concentration, Heal, Knowledges: The Planes, Religion, and Arcane, Profession (which everyone gets), Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.
Skill points: 1st: 4(2+ int mod). otherwise, 2+int mod.

Domains: Start with two. one MUST be of own alignment. the other one may NOT be an alignment domain (ie, it may not be good, evil, chaos, or law) you may not choose the domains , Community, Creation, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Rune, Scalykind (which is Yuan-ti only anyway), Strength, and Weather.

The reasons behind not being able to use those domains: there is no one plane that closely represents the spells inside the domains. if a DM can come up with one, then go ahead.

Spellcasting: Divine. Uses only Domain Spells. (ie, doesn't get 'normal' cleric spells) Does not get bonus domain spells for that reason. Must keep two lists-- one for each domain. Split spellslots between each domain, as equally as possible. if there's an odd number, pick one list and it stays there. bonus spells can be 'reassigned' to either domain per rest. This is important! no really. Spell growth as Cleric. Automatically gains Planeswalk as a free spell to memorize. (isn't it a 7th level spell?) They otherwise prepare and cast spells like clerics do.

-1st level:
May Cast his prepared Divine Spells.

May Turn/Rebuke/Command/Destroy Undead as a Cleric does. uses CHA mod. Still needs a focus to cast spells by. (one for each domain, actually. hee.)

Has an Aura of Alignment, as Clerics and Paladin do.

Planar Equilibrium: (Ex?) Always know where one's self is in relation to other planes. (in other words, a Channeler can tell that he's on a Lawful Good Plane, but not what it's name is or where he is on a map.) doesn't work on most Prime Materials.

Domain Switch:(Su) Once per day, a Planar channeler can 'switch out' his Alignment based domain (and all the spels with it) for another one. This lasts 2 rounds plus 1 round per level. You may spread out these rounds between as many usages as you want. Switching a domain is a Full round action. At first level, the PC designates his first switch-out domain. This first choice must be either Good Or Evil. The PC gains a new domain to switch to every 3 (or 4, not sure) levels. Those domains may be any of the oter alignments (Law, Chaos, Good, Evil). They cast those spells as if they are that alignment. While using this ability, they are treated as creatures of that alignment for the duration (if they switch to evil, they will show up on a Detect Evil spell, and be hampered by Protection from Evil. Also, his Aura changes with the Domain.) Also: the Planar Channeler also gains access to the abilites granted by that domain to use (like the Sun domain's super Turning and the Death domain's Death Touch ability.) However, they do not gain access to the Skills granted (like the plant domain's Knowledge: Animals skill)

-at 5th level:
-Smite (alignment):(Su?) The PC may Smite Evil as a Paladin, but may Smite any Alignment. The player, however, must declare what Alignment he is smiting first. May not Smite Neutral. Gains more usages per day as a Paladin (every 5th level. max of 4 at 20th)

-At 9th level (possibly) they gain:

Other Domain Switch (need a better name. :P ):(Su) a Planar Channeler may swich his 'other' (non alignment) domain for another. However, he must 'earn' a domain first. There is no free domain like thre is with Domain Switch. Lasts 2 rounds + 1 round per clvl. (ex: my domains are Law and Travel. I can now change out Travel for some other domain. check Gaining New Domains for more. Otherwise, handled exactically like Domain Switch.

-At ~12 or so level:
-Ignore alignment:(Ex?) a PC may choose not to be affected by spells or abilites having to do with alignment, such as Dectect Evil, or Protection from Evil. They have to know that the spell is there first. I suspect one can 'feel' a Detect spell. I hope so.


Gaining New Domains: to gain the ability to cast spells in a new domain, the PC has 4 options: 1, travel to a plane with that dominant alignment or somesuch (ex: go to Limbo to use Chaos, Arcadia for Good or Law), interact with some one from said plane or is very strongly that alignment (ex: be friends with a Modron to get Law), or expierence a state of that aligment or such (ex: get his by a Confusion spell for Chaos. get lit on fire to use fire. must stay on fire for more than one round. wussies. For getting an elemental domain, you have to be completely surronded by the element for 2+ rounds. for Air, you have to jump off a cliff get some 'mad crazy air'. I suggest jumpboots. or the jump spell. or a monk buddy.

some example connections:

Travel and Liberation go to the Astral. watch out for Githyanki. :D
Death goes to Negative Energy Plane
Destruction and War go to Acheron. (the plane with the floaty cubes and stuff. can't miss it)
Healing and Sun go to the Positive Energy Plane.
Plant and Animal go to the Beastlands.
Madness and Chaos go to Limbo.
Artifice and Law go to Mechanus.

They use the Cleric's Spell Progression and BAB Attack table.

Special: Whenever a character has a Religious Revelation and becomes a Born again (whatever), or gains a level in Cleric or Paladin (or any other Divine spell casting class that is not the Mystic Theuge, I believe) They lose all spells, abilities, and whatnot, like a paladin does. Unlike the Paladin, they cannot be absoved via the Absolve spell, but must gain a permanant increase to Int or Wis, or suffer a traumatic experience having to do with one's religion (in essence, must have a crises of Faith.). Also, if a character was a Paladin or Cleric who has 'fallen out' of Paladindom or Clericdom, may choose Planar Channeler.

Fred, the 5th Level Planar Channeler. Human. Male. Chaotic Good.
Str 11+1(level 4 stat+), Con 16, Dex 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14.
Feats: Quicken Spell, Run, Skill Focus (Concentration)
Skills: 14 points. R5 in: Knowledge Religion, The Planes. R2 in Concentration. R2 in Heal.
Spell Domains: Chaos, Sun. (may switch to Good, Evil.)
Abilities: Turn Undead 5/day. Smite (alignment) 1/day. Planar Equilibrium. Domain Switch, 7rounds/day.

Fred is a bit off. A few of his family members were monks, and he was taught how to meditate at a young age. When he was about 17, he learned how to channel the plane of Limbo totally by accident. Luckily, their village didn't have much in the way of Temples (religion was generally a house by house affair), so he was allowed to develop his talents. He respects Clerics, Paladins, and their sort, but just can't wrap his brain around the fact that they need a god to use their spells. he is good natured and kind, but has a bit of a snarky streak.

If I forgot something, tell me, ok? I might want to add another ability in there somewhere, but I don't know what it would be. Maybe a possible reduction of Religious People reactions.

Also: yes, this means at high levels, you have a lot of spellscrolls to keep up with. I still like the idea behind the PC.

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