gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

the players are currently touring an ancient abandonned subterranean monastary. one of the principal inhabitants is a monk ghost. at one point or another the monk will (try to) possess one of the pc's and may stay there for a while, at least until he's cleared and sanctified the monastary. has anyone ever done anything like this? i was considering writing up a combat stat block along with a breif character sketch and some roleplaying notes to whichever player whose character gets posessed but i'm not sure anyone in my crew would appreciate being forced to change characters for an extended period. i was also thinking of making it a brief thing, let him posess someone, cause a little havoc then leave, and then if a pc goes to 0 hp let the ghost take over the body until someone stabilizes them. either way what do you think? i'm not sure any of the players would like that but kind of like the idea and i'd to try it.

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