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D&D 3E
An idea a player of mine is having to use an ability in a video game… 
13th-Oct-2004 12:21 am
An idea a player of mine is having to use an ability in a video game in a prestige class, but we're having trouble transfering it into the D20 mechanics. In Shinobi 3, the character sacrifices his life (losing his life, but in a video game you have 4 of 5 lives) and all the opponents on the screen die. My idea is that the PC would, as a full-round action, magically forfeit his life force (drop to 0 or -1 hp) and all those within a 30-foot radius would have to make a Fortitude saving throw (I'm thinking against a DC 10 + caster level + constitution modifier) or die. I think that's reasonable. He doesn't like the fact that we don't know of any other thing in D&D where you forfeit hit points or ability points for an effect.

Can anyone give me a recommendation on what to do or an example of forfeiting HP for an effect?
12th-Oct-2004 09:36 pm (UTC)
Well just as a balance thing, the damage done should probably be proportional to the amount of HP spent. So that if you were at 1 HP, you couldn't go to 0 (or -1) and kill everyone around you. Instead perhaps you do your HP in damage to your opponents, or divided equally among your opponents (which appropriate saves to avoid or half or whatever, depending on the level of the skill).

As for previous type rules, there is the Blood Magus PrC from Tome and Blood (3e), in which you take damage to raise the DC of a spell cast, or to store spells... maybe look at that? A modification of some of those abilities (and then balanced for your campaign) might do the trick.
12th-Oct-2004 09:58 pm (UTC) - this is what I could find after a brief looksee.(if it works)

I think you should include something about how many hps he's on to start with, it's not much of a sacrifice if you're already on 1 hp.
How about the DC being number of hps sacrificed divided by the character sacrificing them's level...maybe.
The other option I thought might work would be it applies not on HPs but to con; something like volentaraly reduce con to 1 to do the effect.
12th-Oct-2004 10:51 pm (UTC) - Re: this is what I could find after a brief looksee.(if it works)
true. it's not a sacrifice at all if you're only at 1. maybe part of the rules would be that you have to have at least 75% of your HP for the spell to work. a sacrifice has to be a sacrifice.

the con idea is pretty good but i like the idea of straight up HP loss. i'm not exactly sure why. plus you could still be at 1 HP and do the con idea - being able to do it at 1 HP really seems like not much of a sacrifice to me.
12th-Oct-2004 10:01 pm (UTC) - try again.

12th-Oct-2004 10:03 pm (UTC)
You could take Constitution damage instead of HP damage. Con seems to be more "life force" then anything else. Or maybe take negitive levels. Each would drop to 0, coming back 1/day or with magical help. So he does it, "dies", but its a last ditch kind of thing and your out.

If done like that I'd say take a fort save or die. (Fort save = 10 + prestige class lvl + Con mod). if they pass they take damage = to his current HP, or 5 X con pts. or 10 X lvl. or vice versa depending on whether he gains negeitive lvls. Oh yeah, I wouldn't do the fort save to have them lost perminantly, but a fort save every day to see if he gets one back, otherwise it just takes longer.
12th-Oct-2004 10:46 pm (UTC)
psions can forfeit HP to heal other characters. of course, they can then heal themselves with power points but they have to pay power points just to heal the characters so all in all it's pretty costly to heal that way.

personally, i think if EVERYone in a radius would be affected by a spell like that, it should be pretty high level. OR it should depend on the number of hit points the character has. in other words, if you only have 24 HP, you can only deal 24 HP of damage and as a result wouldn't necessarily kill everyone in the radius.

cool idea though!!
13th-Oct-2004 05:00 am (UTC)
I don't have it in front of me, but in Magic of Faerun there is a spell that Paladins can use.. Something of the Martyr. I think you sacrifice yourself to heal or buff your allies, but a similar idea.

Having it be proportional to the amount of HP left is one method to help balance it. Another is that you have the character take a predetermined amount of damage. Maybe if you are less than 50% (or 66 or 75) of your max HP you run the risk of truly dying. Or maybe you take permanent CON damage (1d4?) if you are below a certain HP level.

Another way to make it interesting might be to have it work only a limited number of times *ever*. It could be some static number, like 3 or 5. It could be a semi-random number like 1d6+1, with or without the player knowing the number. =) It could be based on level, like 1 per 4 levels. It could also be an increasing risk thing. Each time you use it you must make a CON check (not Fort), DC 10 + (2 * # uses), or some other formula.

Regardless of HP remaining, it should cap out based on some other factor, like level. Even the 3.5e Harm and Heal spells now limit themselves to 10 pt/level, max 150.
13th-Oct-2004 05:04 am (UTC)
There is an arcane ability in my game world to extract magical energy from blood as part of the item creation process. It burns temporary con damage, and lowers the lifespan of the victim, in exchange for the XP cost for magic item creation, as well as reducing the time it takes to create an item. There's a lawful evil kingdom that makes extensive use of this, as the penalty for breaking laws, and to fill it's armories.
13th-Oct-2004 05:39 am (UTC) - CON, not HP.
HP is luck, skill, and a little ability to push through pain.

Actual life-force is CON. I'd say allow your player's PrC to sacrafice 1 pt of Con for xd6 damage, fort save for none, and when hp = 0 the targets die.
13th-Oct-2004 06:51 am (UTC)
I think the character should drop to -8 or -9. Make it a serious risk. There's a spell in Magic of Faerun where you exchange hit points with the target. I forget what it's called though. I wanna say "Favor of Ilmater," but I could be wrong.
18th-Oct-2004 08:46 am (UTC)
like 'vampiric touch' in 3.5 dnd?
13th-Oct-2004 03:07 pm (UTC) - good question
i see your problem. maybe because in the video game, it takes away 1 of 5 lives, u should make it take away 1 fifth of his health for the attack. just a sugestion. good luck.
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