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...Your god fell down again, so stop telling him he has legs...

I am new. Apparently.

I have been playing D&D since I was four years old. I am almost 20 now. THat about explains my experience with D&D...

I also play Vampire and werewolf, as well as Shadowrun and whatnot...but they can't compare to good ol' D&D.

Anyways, as an introduction, I know people have probably brought this to attenion, cause, come's obvious:

Do you think they gave the monk too many abilities? I mean, when you stack them against a barbarian of equal level, I'm sure the monk would fucking destrioy the barbarian...Maybe it's me...

But according to this chart I found online, I am not the only one who thought so...but yeah...

Also, I think they should have given the wizard a few extras (And I say this, not including "Tome and Blood" and other suppliments, cause obviously, they give wizards a lot of noteworthy abilities)

Also, has anyone bought the suppliment "Path Of The Sword"? I bought it, cause i thought there might be some nice stuff in it, but 80% of the feats are redundant and almost uselesss, cause they just explain something that you'd already know via common knowledge.

For example:

The feat RISING STRIKE states that if you use this feat at the same time as an adjacent opponent attacks you, you get the element of suprise, therefore giving you a +4 to attack...but that was already explained in the DM why bother making it into a feat if it's something every class can accomplish..and not just monks, rangers, fighters, paladins and barbarians...

The same thing goes with the TAUNT</> ability stated in this book. I mean, if you have a the bluff skill (Or just a really high CHA modifier), couldn't you just bluff using that method instead of making it into an actual feat?

Tell me what you think...

Oh yeah...hello everyone.

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