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D&D 3E
For Those Who Embrace Both Religion & Fantasy 
12th-Oct-2004 09:50 pm
Hello again!

Since I had such an overwhelming response to my entry earlier today (90+ LJ notifications in my e-mail box wasn't something I expected to see when I returned from classes!), I decided that there is enough interest in this topic/subject to warrant a LJ community.

So, I have created christiangamers. Despite the name, members of other religions are welcome to join, too. It's primarily for discussing where fantasy and games overlap with religion. You know, all those gray areas that people are uncomfortable talking about.

And don't worry, I won't be upset if no one wants to join. I simply felt a bit of an obligation to make the first move in case it was something that others needed or wanted but didn't have the initiative to start on their own.

Thanks for all of those replies, everyone, and happy gaming! =^.^=

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12th-Oct-2004 06:54 pm (UTC)
Perhaps a better name is "religious gamers", but still its a good idea. Most of my games, that I've pklayed in, and run, have a previaling religous theme.
12th-Oct-2004 09:41 pm (UTC)
As a fantasy/sci-fi writer, let me comment.

First of all, I have to tell you that you are wrong as far as c.s. lewis goes. Lewis, aside from his fiction, wrote a variety of articles and books on the christian faith. The Chronicles of Narnia was actual an Allegorical book about christianity.

Tolkien on the other hand wrote the lord of the rings as an allusion to world war II, so many christians see this as not a work of fanasy but a metaphor for the great war.

Now, one thing these do have in common is not including the tools used in conventional witchcraft. While rowling does not give specifics of how and why for the most part, many christians who have not read her books see wants and brooms and the like and see that as an instruction manual for the modern witch.

Dungeons and dragons in history has been regarded as satanic by the chistian right. We can partially blame first edition for this, where nude pictures and images of demons illuminated the covers and pages. When it came out, there were many groups who flocked to it. One group was nerds, geeks, fantasy lovers, writers, etc. The other group was the fringe element.

The rebels. Many of these people saw it as something to try that everyone hated. Others though of it as a way out. Like anything in our society, it can be abused. A few murders and suicides by those who just started playing Dungeons and dragons and it got a bad rap. It was the new element in their lives, so it must be to blame. No one blames the drugs, the sex, the violence, the depression, the hate, the angst or the oppression. Easier to grab a game that has a demon on the cover of the monster manual.

Things have turned around in our culture for the most part. There are still those in the church who find it repugnant. This will likely always be so.
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