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D&D 3E
Undead Clerics 
12th-Apr-2003 09:09 am
Got a GM question about undead clerics. If I wanted to apply one of the various undead templates to a cleric (vampire, mummy, wight, wraith, etc.), does the cleric retain his/her spell casting ability? I assume the cleric would no longer be associated with his/her original deity (unless he/she worshiped a god of the undead), so would the cleric's domains and such change? (Is this something I missed in one of the rule books? If so, a page reference would be greatly appreciated!)

12th-Apr-2003 09:44 am (UTC)
If the undead template doesn't force an alignment change, the Cleric should be fine. Otherwise, treat it just as if the Cleric changed alignment. Of course, if the Cleric's deity doesn't care for the undead, the deity may very well strip the Cleric of his power. There's nothing special about undead Clerics, really.
12th-Apr-2003 10:12 am (UTC) - losing my religon...
see this is actually where i have issue with the rule books... who cares if he has to take on a new diety? The rules for changing out a cleric call for antonment or a new diety, I just look to page 32 in the players handbook "Ex-Clerics". Theres more information on this in Defenders of the Faith, but that book sucks in my opinon.

But JOhn I say this: screw the books, take your game where you want it to go and bend the rules to suit what youre trying to make. Have him retain his casting ability under a new diety -after all thats just a change in domain power and spells(maybe turning and rebuke as well), that is unless his previous diety would be okay with the transformation into undead, then just keep it as normal. But after all it's your game, so change the close work so that it fits what you need.
12th-Apr-2003 10:52 am (UTC)
I wouldn't think it would have to be an undeath god, just evil perhaps. As long as the alignment fits. I assume if the god allows you to raise undead, being undead wouldn't be that much tougher.

Atonement might be in the order if you're using the Emancipated Spawn prestige class from Savage Species (lets ya become yourself more or less if you've become undead spawn somehow). Even then a god might not let even a good undead regain clerical powers.
12th-Apr-2003 02:27 pm (UTC)
Honestly. I don't think this is a rule issue. I doubt it's something you'll find in a book. It's not even something I'd want a book to tell me. It's very much up to the campaign world. If you think the Cleric's god will have no problem with the undeath then the rules won't give you a problem either.

As an addition and my own opinion I don't think it makes sense to start shopping around for a new deity for the Cleric. How would that work? You can't change Faith like a spare hat. If the guy's Faith was that disposable in the first place then it seems unlikely we could ever have been a devout cleric.
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