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Might as well toss one in for everyone to take a gander at...

People here have been tossing characters around, so I figured why the heck not post my newest one. It's in "NPC Entry Format" in case anyone wants to pilfer it. :)

   Nash Flac: Strongheart halfling fighter (gladiatoral slave) 5/master thrower 5; CR 10; Small humanoid; HD 5d10-10 plus 5d8-10; hp 40; Init +7; Spd 30 ft; AC 30, touch 18, flat-footed 23; Base Atk +10; Grp +9; Atk +16 melee (1d8+5/19-20, +1 Medium acidic shortsword), +21 ranged (1d3+4/19-20, +1 Tiny skiprock), +20 ranged (1d3+3/19-20, Tiny skiprock), +19 ranged (1d6+3/x4, Small halfling warsling), +18 ranged (1d4, Medium spring-loaded gauntlet); Full Atk +16/+11 melee (1d8+5/19-20, +1 Medium acidic shortsword), +21/+16 ranged (1d3+4/19-20, +1 Tiny skiprock), +20/+15 ranged (1d3+3/19-20, Tiny skiprock), +19/+14 ranged (1d6+3/x4, Small halfling warsling), +18/+13 ranged (1d4, Medium spring-loaded gauntlet); SA palm throw, trip shot, weak spot; SQ evasion, halfing traits; AL NG; SV Fort +3, Ref +12, Will +4; Str 16, Dex 24, Con 7, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 14.

   Skills and Feats: Balance +9, Bluff +12, Climb +16, Craft (leatherworking) +7, Jump +21, Knowledge (religion) +7, Perform (sing) +12, Sleight of Hand +13, Tumble +13; Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (skiprock), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spring-loaded gauntlet), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (warsling, halfling), Far Shot, Improved Critical (skiprock), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Ranged Disarm, Ranged Threat, Snatch Arrows, Weapon Focus (skiprock).
   Palm Throw (Ex): When using little thrown weapons, Nash may throw two of each weapon with a single attack roll. Damage for each weapon is resolved seperately, but he does not add his Strength bonus to either damage roll.
   Trip Shot (Ex): Nash may use a thrown weapon to make a trip attempt against an opponent farther than 5 feet away. He makes a normal attack against the opponent with a thrown weapon. If the attack succeeds, in addition to doing damage as normal, he makes a Dexterity check with a +4 bonus opposed by the opponent's Dexterity check or Strength check (whichever ability score has the higher modifier). Other modifiers may apply on this opposed check (see your Player's Handbook). If Nash wins the opposed check, the opponent is tripped. The benefit of this ability does not stack with the benefit of the Improved Trip feat.
   Weak Shot (Ex): When using a thrown weapon against a target of Small size or larger, Nash can make a ranged touch attack instead of a normal attack. If the attack hits, he does not apply his Strength bonus to the damage.
   Evasion (Ex): If Nash is exposed to any effect that normally allows him to attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage, he takes no damage with a successful saving throw.
   Halfling Traits (Ex): +2 morale bonus on saves against fear, +1 bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings.
   Languages/Region/Religion: Nash speaks Common, Halfling, Shaaran, Chessentan, and Turmic. He spent most of his life in Sembia, although not always by choice. He grew up as a very religious individual, and is a firm believer in the dogma and philosophies of the church of Arvoreen.
   Possessions: 15 +1 Tiny skiprocks, 30 Tiny skiprocks, +1 Medium acidic shortsword, warsling (halfling), spring-loaded gauntlet (with 0 bolts), +1 Small weightless amethyst dragonscale, Small darkwood buckler, gloves of Dexterity +4, boots of striding and springing, unidentified Small magical stone pike, holy symbol of Arvoreen

Nash Flac stands just over three feet in height, and is fairly light for a halfling. His dirty blonde hair is generally hanging free to complement his lightly tanned complexion, although occasionally he throws it into a ponytail for performances and during bouts of frustration. His eyes are a rich hazel, a stark contrast to the rest of his attire, which consists mostly of purple and blue cloth designed to accent the amethyst armour that he is so fond of.

He generally prefers to err on the side of caution in battle, fighting defensively while attempting to neutralize his opponents, by either disarming them or introducing them to the ground. He favours the use of his skiprocks to take out as many opponents as possible in a single attack, although his size and that of his weapons generally makes that a challenge with those axe-wielding trolls he seems to enjoy running into.

- Master Thrower is from Complete Warrior.
- Gladatorial Slave concept is from Quintessential Warrior. It provides three EWPs at level one and some basic gear; the tradeoff is you start with 1d6 gold. Unbalancing, perhaps, but this character was (despite what you may believe) designed flavour up.
- Racial Feats - Far Shot (1st, Strongheart Halfling)
- Concept Feats - Exotic Weapon Proficiency (skiprock), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spring-loaded gauntlet), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (warsling, halfling)
- Character Progression Feats - Point Blank Shot (1st), Ranged Threat (3rd), Ranged Disarm (6th), Combat Reflexes (9th)
- Class Progression Feats - Precise Shot (1st, fighter), Weapon Focus (skiprock) (2nd, fighter), Rapid Shot (4th, fighter), Quick Draw (1st, master thrower), Snatch Arrows (4th, Master Thrower), Improved Critical (skiprock) (5th, master thrower).
- Ranged Threat is from Quintessential Elf. It allows you to threaten up to 20' with a ranged weapon.
- Snatch Arrows has appeared in many sources.
- Ranged Disarm appeared first in a Dragon (the first 3.0 one, if I recall), but this version was pilfered from Complete Warrior.
- Skiprocks originally appeared in Sword and Fist, and these stats were pilfered from Races of Faerun.
- The halfling warsling was pilfered from Races of Faerun.
- Dragonscale originally appeared in Quintessential Fighter. It gives a +10 armour bonus, maximum Dexterity bonus of +3, armour check penalty of -3, 20% arcane spell failure, and is medium armour. It also affords DR 15/- against the damage type of the dragon it came from (note that this is not SR, but DR; as in, it applies to each atttack); the Amethyst Dragon's breath weapon is a cone of concussive force. The armour is valued at 4,500 GP.
- The weightless enchantment on the Dragonscale is a +2 bonus that decreases the armour check penalty of the armour by 5, increase the maximum Dexterity bonus of the armour by +4, reduces the arcane spell failure chance by 10%, and negates any penalty to movement incurred by wearing heavier armour. It appears in Arms and Armour.
- The fifteen magical skiprocks were a result of a compromise between myself and the GM. I would pay the 300 GP to masterwork each rock (303 gp total), and he would let me enchant them five at a time for the 2,000 GP cost (so it cost 3,515 GP to enchant five) and treat them like thrown daggers (reusable; instead of magical sling bullets, which are consumed on impact).
- This character has been through one session; thus, the value of the gear he has on them is greater than that of a starting tenth level character (namely the sword; prior to that, he had a shoddy short sword).
- His name was originally Jeracin Myne, but since our group generally has some subtle humour in our games, a few of the players decided to change the format of the names -- first and last name had to be stolen from video game characters from two different games. Hence, Nash (Suikoden III/Suikogaiden) Flac (Dias' last name from Star Ocean II). So, no, I'm not so pathetic that I couldn't come up with an original name ;)

Questions, feedback, and flames are all welcome.

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